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05 November 2021

Manufacturing Company Web Design & SEO

We Helped Manufacturing Company Develop Solid Online Presence

We worked with the manufacturer of thermal systems and developed its solid online presence.

The Problem

The client is a leading manufacturer of thermal products and systems. They needed a professional-looking and well-optimized website design with website promotion services for their business. Even though most of the terms they wanted to target had a small search volume, they were valuable keywords nonetheless. The site had good content and a few first-page rankings, but because they operated in such a lucrative industry, getting a few more clients could easily make a difference of $100k+ per year per client. Some of their PPC costs were up to $130 per click. They had potential but just weren’t seeing the traffic yet – that’s where we come in!

Solution/ Recommendation

Once the client decided to work with us, we discussed their needs, goals, and vision. We integrated the client’s ideas and vision into a website design that truly reflected their brand. We performed an SEO audit, competitive analysis. We found 114 terms with a volume between 10 and 40 a month, with an average CPC of $20. These are not large volume keywords because this is a very niche software, but this can be very lucrative, as we mentioned earlier. The majority of these terms were on pages 2-3. We knew from the beginning we probably wouldn’t see impressive traffic graphs for easy wins, but it would definitely boost their business if we could rank them for these.

Work Completed for the Client

We created a professional yet simple and personalized website for the client. We incorporated all the elements that improved the user experience, usability, and aesthetics of their website. Our team did a complete and in-depth SEO audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, and on-page optimization. The competitive gap analysis helped us find the keywords that the client’s competitors were currently ranking for and the client was not. These keywords are usually great ideas for creating new content and help differentiate the client from the pack. We found 301 terms between 300 and 10,000 searches a month, all with CPC. There were many gems in the list, and we shared these all with the client.

Insights Gained

Having a website is not enough to attract the target audience’s attention and promote sales. After careful and in-depth SEO audit and competitor analysis, we developed a customized website promotion strategy for the client. If a website has a good amount of content but still does not rank, building high-quality content with diverse links can help realize the traffic. Remember, content + authority links are the key. After four-plus months of effort, we started seeing the results from the linking while having more to target and pushing the rank more to page 1!

Project Impact

By designing a professional website for the client, we build the trust of their customers, encouraging them to convert. Our SEO audit and competitive analysis allowed us to develop a strategic website promotion plan for the client which generated excellent results. Our efforts improved the search engine rankings of the client's website significantly. This site now receives over $10,000 a month in estimated organic traffic value alone!

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