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05 November 2021

Mental Health Therapist SEO Case Study (147% Traffic Increase!)

Mental Health Therapist Ranked #1 in Search Engine Results

Our team helped a mental health therapist become a top-ranked mental health clinic in Virginia Beach.

The Problem

The client provides mental health services in the region and needed to attract the target audience’s attention. Like quite a few clients of ours, this therapist didn’t come to us with a clean slate. Their rankings were dropping, and keywords were falling off, hurting their business.

Solution/ Recommendation

The client contacted us for complete SEO and website promotion services. We discussed the problem and analyzed the client’s website to find loopholes in SEO and marketing. We also conducted competitive analysis and keyword research for the client to find the relevant industry keywords and analyze what competitors are doing in their field. Most of the terms they wanted to target had search volume on the lower end but were extremely lucrative. Their goal was first to get their traffic back and then to improve their rankings for a few key pages.

Work Completed for the Client

This site’s rankings were dropping due to thin and duplicate pages with little-to-no content and a high bounce rate. This type of problem is very common for a therapist since most pages typically show service pages. This points to a great opportunity to win back traffic! Based on our analysis and discussion, our team of SEO and website promotion professionals created a robust strategy. We conducted a complete SEO audit and competitive analysis to identify what’s lacking in their website and SEO. We did keyword research and on-page optimization to improve its website ranking in search results.

Insights Gained

Having a website is not enough to attract the target audience’s attention and promote sales. After careful and in-depth SEO audit and competitor analysis, we developed a customized website promotion strategy for the client. We focused on building quality content on the site with a combination of our link-building techniques. As you can see in the image below, the site’s backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value are consistently improving as well.

Project Impact

By leveraging our expertise in SEO and website promotion, the client improved its website’s usability and user experience. After a few consistent months of hard work, we’ve recovered this site’s organic traffic, bumped many of their keywords up to page 1, and doubled their organic traffic value!

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