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05 November 2021

Work Detail Page Private Eye Protection

Improved Client's Website through Engaging and Optimized Content

We helped Private Investigators Company in content creation and optimization to improve website ranking.

The Problem

The private investigators is a premium security services provider in the region. The client needed quality and well-optimized content for its website to improve search engine rankings. The existing site was not driving organic traffic, and the client relied heavily on paid advertisement to attract more traffic.

Solution/ Recommendation

The first thing we always do is perform an SEO audit to identify anything preventing their website from tanking. The good thing was that nothing on their site kept them from improving ranking in search engines. The only things their site was lacking were good links and quality content. After discussing, we partnered with the client for content creation and SEO project. Our team understood the client’s needs, goals, and expectations from the content. To kick off our keyword research, we searched for keywords that the client’s website can start to rank for but aren’t ranking at the top of the search engines in the client’s industry yet. Through this approach, we boost the website’s search engine rankings in the start to see quicker traffic wins. We found 76 potential targets, mostly bottom of page 1 through page 3, all with CPC between $0.60 and $2.50.

Work Completed for the Client

We worked closely with the client on the identified aspects and picked targets together to ensure we were targeting keywords related to products in their inventory. We found some killer keywords which we could use to write long articles!

Insights Gained

A good website design can only give an online presence to any business. But to engage the target audience and attract more visitors, you need quality content. We focused on writing content targeting keywords with good volume related to the niche services. Moreover, we built in-content links focused on easy wins, using diverse anchor text.

Project Impact

Private investigators need quality content, and by writing long-form blog posts, you can start ranking for your valuable keywords. These pages are easier to rank and allow internal linking to your product pages. After you have the content, it makes getting good links 1000X easier! Our thorough keyword research, quality content creation, and on-page optimization produced excellent results for the client. Their website improved in rank in the search engine rankings and attracted more traffic.

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