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05 November 2021

Work Detail Page Big Speak

We helped a motivational speakers bureau with its Website for Better Ranking

Northlake Digital helps motivational speakers optimize website content with relevant keywords improving search engine rankings.

The Problem

A leading business and motivational speaker bureau needed a content analysis and SEO audit to optimize its website for search engines and people. For this, they engaged our SEO services.

Solution/ Recommendation

The client’s website was already there with plenty of content. As the client provided a platform for motivational and business speakers, it needed relevant keywords optimization for its website to increase traffic. We performed an in-depth SEO audit with competitive analysis, which gave information about the weaknesses in the client’s website. Based on this, we did keyword research and optimized its content.

Work Completed for the Client

We started working on the client’s project with an SEO audit to find the shortcomings related to SEO in its website. Plus, we did a competitive analysis to identify what competitors are doing and which keywords they are using in their content. Our team did keyword research and identified strongly relevant keywords integrated into the on-page content. We used proven SEO techniques and methodologies like structured data schema, blogs, FAQs, and featured snippets to boost their website’s presence and visibility.

Insights Gained

The client’s website lacked the right keywords and on-page optimization, hindering its success. Motivational speaker’s industry needs more informative content, tips, and tricks, research-based and helpful content optimized with relevant keywords to engage the audience and boost search engine ranking. We conducted a detailed SEO analysis that helped us identify loopholes and fix them through our keyword research and on-page optimization strategy. This gave a high return on investment to the client.

Project Impact

Through our SEO efforts, we optimized the existing content of the client's website with the most relevant keywords in the respective industry. This not just optimized the on-page content but also improved its ranking in search engine results. The client was able to improve visibility among its specific target audience, such as non-profits, corporations, and associations.

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