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05 November 2021

Work Detail Page National Mental Health Agency

National Mental Health Agency Improved its Search Engine Ranking

Using SEO and website promotion, we help therapists in Mental Health improve their search engine ranking significantly.

The Problem

The client provides awareness and support about mental health and condition. It needed SEO and website promotion services to improve its online presence.

Solution/ Recommendation

After a detailed discussion of their needs and goals, we developed a custom-tailored online marketing plan. Mental health patients need supportive content and an informative website that helps them address their therapy needs by providing emotional and behavioral support. Our expert team conducted an SEO audit with a competitive analysis to identify the challenges with ranking #1. We recommended a technical seo analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, and website promotion to optimize the client’s website fully and make it ready for search engines.

Work Completed for the Client

Our team of SEO experts worked on a complete SEO and website promotion plan from start to finish. We conducted an in-depth technical SEO audit and content analysis to find the SEO issues in the client’s website. We also did keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords in their industry and integrated them into our website promotion efforts. Through all these efforts, we ensured that their content is geared towards the people experiencing mental health problems, and their website provides the most relevant information to the target audience.

Insights Gained

Potential patients use online search to find the therapists in their region. Therapists need a website with quality and fully optimized content to target their audience. Their online presence needs to develop trust and authority so that more and more potential clients approach them. The client’s website was rich in content and quite informative for the target audience; however, it lacked SEO optimization, causing problems ranking the website. Therefore, it was necessary to provide an in-depth audit and on-page optimization to accomplish optimal results, and our work surely paid off.

Project Impact

Our team worked hard on the client's website SEO, on-page optimization, and website promotion of the client's website. Due to our work on various SEO and marketing aspects, the client's website improved in terms of visibility and experienced a significant improvement in organic traffic. This resulted in a high rate of new patient acquisition and achieved a 50% increase in ranking with search engines.

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