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11 Sizzling Marketing Ideas for Summer

The warm weather is here and that means barbeques, beaches, and bathing suits! In fact, AAA states, “100 million American’s or 4 in 10 U.S. adults” intend to travel with family this year and road trips are a top choice.

What better time to ignite your company’s marketing strategy and explore ideas for sales?

Summer marketing allows your online business staff to not only enjoy the balmy temperatures but it can draw in return customers for when the weather outside is frightful.

Want to know where to start? Keep reading.

Research Ideas for Sales

The road to summer marketing ideas must be met with thinking both inside and outside of the box. Sure you want to come up with original tactics but you shouldn’t forget what has been tried and true.

If your online business wishes to connect with the community you must follow the action. So start searching for which events are happening and how you can be a part of it.

But don’t stop at events. Be sure to consider getting your customers to seek you out online. Here are some summer promotion ideas to get you going.

1. Road Trip Photos

With the open roads calling your name during the season of sun and fun what better way to connect with customers than to ask for some pics.

Asking customers to post their favorite photo from a vacation onto their social media and tag your business profile is a great way to draw traffic to your business.

In return for their participation, you could offer a discount or prize.

2. Seasonal Blog Posts

If your company’s blog isn’t up to date or doesn’t exist now is the time to set one up. Building a readership through blog posts attracts potential clients, informs them of what your company can offer and improves your search ranking.

When used to promote summertime savings, blog posts benefits outnumber any cons you may consider. Plus it leaves an imprint on the internet that will continue drawing in more people to your business even after the summer fun ends.

3. Referral Incentives

We all know that sharing is caring. So why not pay it forward to your customers? By setting up a summer referral program you’ll not only show people you value their business but you will also place a bit of urgency.

If your summer referral program offers customers the opportunity to earn points or coupons specifically during May through August it will coerce them to make a move sooner than later.

This will, in turn, increase your earnings and popularity.

4. Go Post It

In our digital world, some may think that banners, flyers, and posters aren’t a viable method of marketing your products. But when people are out and about there’s a strong possibility a well-made flyer will capture people’s attention.

Summer sales deserve to be plastered on a poster so onlookers strolling down Main Street can discover your latest deal.

5. Guest Speaking Engagements

Getting in front of a group of potential customers is a great way to make your brand known. While community colleges and universities can host guest speakers anytime, the summer months will help you and the professor.

Consider contacting your alma mater or a local college that offers summer courses. You would be surprised how happy an instructor will be to get a speaker during the non-traditional school months.

If possible, take on an intern from a local school in order to get recognition from the 18-25 demographic because millennials enjoy shopping. They might as well be purchasing from you.

6. Seasonal Gift Cards

Customers love being able to purchase something and save money. Offering summer gift cards or certificates allows the buyer to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket while increasing your bottom line.

Plus it will increase the likelihood of people using the gift cards quicker if they have an expiration date that coincides with the change of seasons.

7. Attend or Sponsor an Event

With the sun shining and gentle breezes blowing through your hair getting seen at an event will get your business name out there. Some places to go with your crew include:

  • Block Party
  • Car Shows
  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Festivals

If you want recognition then consider sponsoring an event. By being a sponsor your name can go on the promotional merchandise, thereby increasing exposure to businesses, customers, and the media. It can also jog the memories of customers who may have lost touch with your brand.

8. Encourage Online Reviews

Having customers leave reviews on your website can increase your summer sales. Reviews get people to discuss their experience with your business.

Positive reviews are golden and can persuade others to purchase your goods or services. Negative reviews allow you to resolve the issues publicly.

Reviews can make people visit your website to shop. However, you can also showcase them in your promotional emails or on social media.

9. Price Match

Accepting the prices of competitors is a good way to ensure your customers are served and helps you monitor what the other guys are doing. Plus it develops a lasting rapport with your customers and lets them know you care.

10. Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. Why not take advantage of the summer months and give away merchandise or products with your logo that consumers will enjoy?

In turn, your business receives the acknowledgment for giving people something with or without the completion of a purchase.

11. Harvest the Holidays

Bargain shoppers know to look for sales during a holiday. So you definitely want to position your business to reap the rewards.

Therefore you want to incorporate as many of the previously mentioned tips. But also try something new such as a free shipping and 15% discount combo.

See You in September

While no season lasts forever, it’s always good to keep a record of your ideas for sales. Because even though the trunk cooler will go into storage to make way for ice scrapers and snow tires, people will not forget your summer sales.

If you remain on this course of creating seasonal marketing promotions, you’ll attract and keep consumers looking online from a warm, comfy couch.

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