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3 Ways to Use Advantages of Social Media in Healthcare

There is no question that social media is a major component of any digital marketing strategy.

The strength of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a variety of other social networking apps gives a great opportunity to healthcare professionals.

You can target current and potential patients with great precision. And the advantages of social media include trackable return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent.

But for many healthcare professionals, the question remains on how to best use the tool. They want to reach a wider audience without diminishing their brand.

How can you leverage social media and remain professional? We’ve created 3 ways to use the advantages of social media to grow your practice.

Here’s how:

1. Create Shareable Content

Your current and potential patients want to be reassured they are visiting an expert. Creating shareable content allows them to spread the word for you.

This content can include information on staying healthy, identifying health risks, and even scheduling visits to a doctor. Make the content informative, friendly, clear, and concise.

Your marketing can benefit exponentially with shareable content on social media.

2. Reviews Are One Of The Advantages of Social Media

Patients depend on testimonials from their family and friends more than any other venue when selecting a new healthcare practice. Social media allows you to leverage your existing patients and get new ones.

In fact, you can even feature patient testimonials on social media. The larger their social network, the larger reach your message will have.

Creating content can help your social media strategy. Combined with reviews and testimonials, your patients can make content for you.

3. Promote Comfort With Video

Video content is one of the biggest trends in social media. It’s ideal for healthcare as video can help your practice promote comfort and shareable content at the same time.

Your current and potential clients can get more information about procedures, specialists, and your office staff. One of the advantages of social media, when combined with video, is the personal touch it allows.

So many patients are intimidated by office visits and by scheduling appointments. In fairness, navigating the healthcare marketplace can be confusing.

SEO and Mobile

Mobile video traffic is projected to grow by 50 percent a year between now and 2022. Video isn’t just a great tool for marketing.

It’s also the method your patients prefer. Plus, YouTube is a major social media community that conducts over 3 million searches a month.

Video will boost your SEO presence, encourage time on site, and connect with your patients.

Using video content will make them feel more comfortable with you and your practice.

Putting It All Together

Social media management can be time-consuming. And what’s worse, you can waste valuable hours with the wrong strategy.

Our team will keep you connected to your followers, fans, and friends. We do this by creating posts that engage, educate and enlighten. We create compelling content that encourages brand recognition and loyalty.

You need a professional team to put it all together. Don’t leave your social media marketing strategy to chance.

Contact North Lake Digital now and get an instant quote for your social media marketing services.

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