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5 Dental SEO Marketing Tips

You might think that as a dentist you don’t need to market yourself.

After all, everyone needs to go to the dentist, right?

While that is true, it doesn’t mean everybody actually does go to the dentist.

And even if they are, are they finding you? Or your competitor?

SEO is important to every industry, even the world of dentistry.

Here are 5 dental SEO marketing tips every dentist should use.

1. Every Dental SEO Marketing Plan Should Include Auditing Your Own Website

Unlike the denture adhesive, you can’t just, “Fixodent and forget it” when it comes to your website.

Good dental SEO marketing begins by auditing your own website.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Good content: Don’t just copy and paste information from somewhere else. Create your own original content.
  • Keywords: Use keywords that will help local people find you. Just don’t overuse them.
  • Make sure your links are relevant and good: Bad links aren’t doing your dental SEO marketing any favors.

2. Dental SEO Marketing Means Google Knowing Where to Find You

Placing your business where the Internet can find you is the next step in your dental SEO marketing.

Start with Google. Once they recognize you, then you can start spreading the word.

Don’t just stop at Google. You’ll want to get your business information out there on as many search engine sites as possible.

There are sites that offer those solutions such as Moz or Yext.

3. Dental SEO Marketing Always Includes Social Media

Oddly enough, some people are scared of dentists.

But if they find you on social media, they can get to know you and your dental practice.

Social media is a great way to reach out to ongoing and potentially new patients and share information about you and your practice.

Here are some social media sites your practice should be found on:

  • Facebook: Use Live streaming to show a regular cleaning and what it entails. Post blogs about how to prevent cavities.
  • Twitter: Share a short tip a few times a day on how to better care for your teeth. Include a quick video on how to brush properly.
  • Instagram: They love photos at Instagram so show off how many patients pearly whites you’ve made shine each week! You can share a little personal story behind each smile.

4. Blog Your Way Into Their Hearts

Even the most confident dental patient still wants to understand what’s happening with their mouths.

Blogging is a smart and simple way to add depth to your dental SEO marketing plan.

Here are some things you can blog about:

  • Advice
  • Case Studies
  • Prevention
  • How-to

Be sure to include photos and add relevant outbound and inbound links.

5. Give Them What They Want

Dental SEO marketing comes easy when you simply deliver the information your patients want to know.

Information such as:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • How to Get There
  • Hours
  • Payment Options
  • Testimonials
  • Insurance Accepted

Include this information wherever possible online. It will help increase your visibility.

Dental SEO marketing doesn’t have to be hard. It does have to be done consistently.

We’re here to help you learn more about best dental SEO marketing practices.

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