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5 Digital Marketing Tips for New Psychiatrists

The news is in. 93 million people searched for health-related topics on the Internet last year. What’s more? Over half of millennials check online before selecting their doctor.

Are you trying to launch your new psychiatry practice? Do you already have a practice, but you’re looking to gain more referrals? Are your marketing tips a bit rusty or nonexistent altogether?

Don’t fear! We’ve narrowed down our five favorite digital marketing tips that best promote you and the fantastic services you have to offer.

Let’s get into it!

Digital Marketing Tips for Psychiatrists

Know Your Audience and Community

In any kind of marketing, it’s critical to pinpoint your audience. This allows you to focus your attention primarily on this target crowd.

Some questions to get you started:

  • What kinds of patients am I seeking to work with?
  • What is their typical demographic (age, sex, socioeconomic status)?
  • What, if any conditions, am I not willing to work with?
  • What can I offer that other competing psychiatrists cannot?

Maximize Your Personal Website

When people are searching for a psychiatrist and they find your name, they will likely want to learn more about you.

At a minimum, your website needs:

  • a detailed section discussing the types of services you provide
  • relevant information about your professional background and any specialties or additional certifications you hold
  • your office location and hours
  • transparent payment information (i.e: insurance reimbursement, sliding scale options, types of payment accepted)
  • how people can best contact you

Maintain a Blog

Blogging is a fantastic way to express yourself and provide new patients with a sample of your opinion and thoughts.

This is one of the greatest digital marketing tips, because blogging gives you a voice, and that creates a personality behind the name. After all, if you’re competing with an entire market of psychiatrists, you need a way to stand out!

Additionally, routine posting with keywords and basic SEO strategies, can help drive traffic to your website…and this drives traffic to your office!

Optimize Social Media

Have you been underestimating the virtues of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? You could be making a costly mistake!

Social media marketing creates exposure. Exposure creates a buzz around you and your practice.

How should you optimize?

Know what each social media presence provides. For example, Facebook is a great place to share relevant articles. Twitter allows for punctual, powerful statements. LinkedIn works for professional networking and displaying your experience and credentials.

Take the time to learn how each one can help you!

Don’t Forget Professional Listings!

Many medical communities offer the ability to promote within their local directories. Additionally, there are many online, professional organizations that allow you to post a blurb about yourself and the services you offer.

Since many people will look to these directories for assistance, it’s beneficial for your name and practice to be listed in as many places as possible!

Final Thoughts

These digital marketing tips are bound to get you started well on your journey! Still feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you!

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