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5 Medical Practice Marketing Tips Using Social Media

When was the last time you checked a review on the web? Better yet, when was the last time you researched something on the web?

Most of us can probably say we have done one of the two very recently. We live in a world where we get our information from the internet, no matter what it may be about.

We know that 81% of the U.S. population has social media and 41% of this population says it affects their choice of doctor or medical practice.

The question is, why would you not take the opportunity to market and build credibility in your medical practice through social media?

Adopting a few social media tools can tremendously help your medical practice marketing attract new clients and build relationships.

Let’s hear the five medical practice marketing tips you need to get your social media up and running.

1. Know what platforms to focus on

The first step in using social media for medical practice marketing is knowing what platforms to engage on.

The choices are overwhelming and you really only need to engage on the ones your current and potential customers are using.

Do basic research on social media platforms based on demographics and find out where a majority of your target audience spends their time.

For medical practices, you’ll probably focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

2. Keep it up to date

The most important thing to remember is that your social media content MUST be up to date. Meaning you’ll probably have to update it every day.

Things can be chaotic at doctor offices. Your audience wants to know if times, schedules or addresses have changed or if there are openings for appointments.

It’s crucial to keep your medical practice contact information current across all social platforms.

3. Engage and respond to your customers

In order to gain an audience, you’re going to have to engage and respond to your customer’s comments, tweets or reviews.

It’s pretty common for customers to leave questions or even good/bad reviews.

Let’s say your medical practice gets a bad review. This is where you would use social media to respond to it ASAP to clear the situation over and stop any harsh feelings that may preside.

Social monitoring is key to building new relationships and working to create new ones.

4. Share content to build credibility

People go online to research health concerns and they are looking for expert information from doctors to answer their questions. 56% of people used WebMD while 17% used Facebook.

Sharing content that is beneficial to patients will keep them coming back for more while building their trust.

This could mean your health care team gets together to type up a quick article about flu shot season. Or, if you are pressed on time, it could be your medical practice retweeting or sharing an expert medical source.

Either way, there needs to be a steady stream of expert and relevant content. Also, try including SEO keywords that your customers might be searching for in this content.

5. Utilize your existing patients and employees

Last, not least, how will you get an audience to your social media channels where they can see your medical practice marketing?

It starts by encouraging your current customer base to leave reviews and follow your profiles. It also starts with having your employees share and promote the medical practice to get the word out there.

Post promotions or updates to your social media site and have your employees share these. This will expand your reach and grow your audience.

While it may take some time and research to build your medical practices social media audience, you’ll be loving your online presence and expanded customer base.

Social media is no longer just for the hip technology companies or “millennials,” it’s for everything and everyone online, including your medical practice.

Don’t let social media be your missed opportunity and take advantage of this free and easy tool today!

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