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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Blogger Service to Create Your Content

Think your company doesn’t need a blog? You might want to think again. According to WordPress, 409 million people view over 20 billion blog pages each month.

Ignoring your blog is a surefire way to miss out on traffic.

But it’s understandable that not everyone has the time or skills needed to craft a great blog post. That’s why we recommend getting a bit of assistance.

Here are five reasons you should hire a blogger through a blogging service.

1. Blogging Is the Cornerstone of Content Marketing

Blogging certainly isn’t the only form of content marketing, but it’s one of the most important forms in terms of SEO.

A quality blog post is more than an explanation of an idea. It’s a way to make sure that your site ranks higher through the use of carefully crafted strategies and tools.

Bloggers know how to choose the right keywords and implement links in a way that ensures your posts will get in front of your audience before the competition’s posts.

2. No Need to Onboard

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you know how important we think content marketing is. But taking on new employees to write that content isn’t always your best bet.

When you hire a blogging service, you don’t need to worry about the cumbersome and expensive onboarding process.

The average onboarding process costs companies $4,129 per employee. Seeing as you’ll need more than one employee, you can multiply that figure by at least three or four.

Mind you, that’s the cost before you even factor in work supplies like computers and desks.

Suffice to say, hiring a new team isn’t the most financially sound option. When you hire a blogging service, you’re getting all of the benefits of a content team without the cost of onboarding, supplies, or benefits.

3. Blogs Are a Great Way to Reach Your Audience

Like management or consulting, blogging is a skill.

But bloggers already have the know-how needed to make sure your content lands with your audience. There’s no need to guess if your audience will relate to the content or not.

You’ll get great, shareable content every time that drives audiences back to your website.

4. When You Hire a Blogger, You Can Spend More Time Working

Of course, the most obvious reason to hire a blog writer is that it frees you up to do more of what you do best. Even if you’re a skilled writer, blog posts don’t come out of thin air.

They take research, feedback, editing, and more before the final product is ready to be published.

Sure, you could do all of that yourself. But that would mean hours away from the projects that need your attention.

5. You Can Repurpose the Content Later

Here’s a neat little tip: You can always repurpose content, later on, effectively doubling the amount of content you have.

Let’s say you have a blog post that performed well with your audience. A few months later, you can take the base of that post and use it for a video script, thus giving you more content and a variety of ways with which your audience can interact with said content.

In short, hiring a blogger can get you two pieces of content for the price of one.

Let the Pros Create Your Content: Hire a Blogger

It can be tempting to try and tackle content creation yourself. But your best bet is ultimately to leave it to the pros.

When you hire a blogger, you’re getting better, more tailored content for less than the cost of a single new employee.

If you’d like to see how blogging can help your business grow, contact us today and get an instant quote!

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