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5 Technical SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site

10.34 billion searches were made on Google in October of 2018. How can you be sure your eCommerce site gets discovered among such a large number of results?

SEO could be your solution to getting more clicks on your website.

Check out these five technical SEO tips that can help you reach a higher rank on search engines:

1. Incorporate Keywords Effectively

If you already know the answer to basic questions like: “What does SEO mean?”, you should already know how important keywords are in improving your ranks.

Strategically placing keywords on your website is essential for success. Below are some of the areas that should include your keywords.


Try adding a keyword into your title tags. It can be even more effective if you incorporate a special deal following the main keyword.

If your company is selling car jacks, the title could read something like: “Car Jacks — 20% off Your First Order.”

H1 Tag

At least one of your H1 tags should have a keyword in it. Sticking with the same example, one of your H1 tags could be: “Heavy Duty Car Jacks.”

Meta Description

For the best results, your meta description should also incorporate your main keyword. Writing a description such as “Heavy duty car jacks with free shipping! Order online today” can attract more visitors to your eCommerce site.

2. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Use

One of the most important technical elements of SEO is ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. You’ve probably had the experience of clicking on a website on your mobile device and immediately closing the page because the site wasn’t properly optimized for smartphones. That’s exactly what you need to avoid.

With 78% of Americans using smartphones, you need to make your website accessible for on-the-go users. Using a tool such Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can help you determine if you need to make any changes.

3. Get an SSL Certificate

Not only does an SSL certificate help enhance the security of your website, but it can also improve your SEO. If you don’t already have an SSL certificate, it’s time to get one. SSL certificates are now taken into account when determining your rank.

4.  Improve Your Website’s Speed

Increasing visitors to your website depends on how quickly your site loads. Users are impatient-they won’t want to wait more than a couple seconds for your website to load. Compressing the media on your website and employing caching can both make your website much faster.

5. Clean up Your URLs

When you perform your technical SEO audit, pay attention to your URLs. Your customer is less likely to trust your website if your product URLs are messy and complicated. An excessive amount of numbers and random characters in your URLs will make your site seem less reliable.

A good URL is less than 160 characters. This makes it easy for search engines to crawl and comprehend your site.

Implementing Technical SEO Techniques

Understanding the answers to “What is technical SEO?” and “How can technical SEO improve my rank?” will greatly improve your web traffic. Using these tips can make your website see more sales and visitors.

Do you need an advanced SEO strategy for your eCommerce site? Find out how we can help improve your SEO.

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