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5 Tips For Building Campaigns Via Search Networks

Looking to boost your business profits?

A well-targeted ad campaign can be a boon for a business looking to generate additional income, with $2 back in profit for every $1 spent on Google Adwords.

But if you’re new to online advertising, you might struggle to be effective.  on Adwords can be tough, especially if all you see is your competitors at the top of your search results.

Well, don’t worry! We’re going to give you 5 important tips to help you when you’re building search network only campaigns with Google.

Have Set Goals in Mind

Before you start building campaigns to target new sources of revenue, you need to know what you’re looking to achieve.

If you’re not sure about your aims, your visitors probably won’t be, either. If you want your visitors to do something, make it obvious how and why they should do it.

And if you’re still unsure, consider these 6 goals for successful online marketing that you could adapt for your own campaign.

Know Your Keywords

Building campaigns that are search networks only require you to know exactly what to target.

This is why you need to choose the right keywords that relate to your business. They’re the words or phrases that explain your content. If you were a hairdresser based in Charlotte, NC you would probably want to target everyone who searches for ‘Hairdressers in Charlotte’.

Keywords help your potential customers find you, so use the Keyword Planner tool to identify the right set for your campaign.

Write Good Ad Copy

You don’t have the chance to dazzle your viewers with images on a search networks campaign as it’s all text.

Unfortunately, you only have 100 characters to work with, and 30 of those are in your headline, so use everything at your disposal.

Had a good sales month? Big figures can sometimes work well, as they can lend to your business credibility. Don’t just listen to us – take Google’s word for it and review their guide to writing successful ads.

Use Special Landing Pages

Landing pages that match the keywords you’re targeting are an effective way to lead on from the text-only ads your visitors have started from.

If they’re looking for ‘Hairdressers in Charlotte’, a landing page offering booking details for haircuts in Charlotte would be a good way to lead your visitors forward.

It’s a natural call to action for your visitors to do something, and you want them to be doing it on your site! If you’re looking for landing pages that’ll wow your visitors, perhaps our web design team can help you out.

Continually Review and Optimize

The only way to judge how effective you are at building campaigns for your business is to compare your results.

Using an A/B approach can help you identify what works and what doesn’t in your ad campaign. Variations of your ad copy, with different headlines or written descriptions, can help you optimize your campaign and generate stronger sales.

Do this throughout your campaign, so that you can continually build on any success you have.

Building Campaigns Using Google Adwords Effectively

Building a Google search networks campaign doesn’t have to be difficult.

With the right list of keywords to target for your own business or niche, and with set goals to monitor your success, you can get your Ad hitting the search results of thousands of new customers.

No ad campaign is going to be successful without a suitable site for visitors to land on. If you’re thinking about upgrading your web presence, why not contact us today?

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