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5 Top Strategies for Local Automotive SEO

Digital marketing is changing the industry, and it’s important that you keep on top of these changes so that your business will remain afloat.

A good local automotive SEO strategy is key to this. More customers are going online when researching a product or a company, so we need to have a strong online presence.

Here are 5 tips to help you strengthen your automotive SEO strategy.

First Impressions Are Important

According to the NY Times, there were around 18,000 car dealerships in America in 2015. Find a way to make your own stand out among the thousands by building up a website that is clean, useful, and optimized for automotive SEO.

A good list of things to include:

  • Have at least 400 words of informative text on your home page
  • Make use of H1, H2, and H3 tags, as well as meta title and meta description
  • Include a handy search bar to make navigation easier
  • Make your company’s address and phone number quick and easy to find
  • Use social sharing plugins to expand the reach of your website
  • High-quality pictures and informative graphs provide good visual content
  • Keep the style and colors of your website easy on the eyes and visually appealing

Your website will often be the first way customers will find out about your company. Making that good first impression is important.

Post Useful Content

It’s not enough to simply have a list of your priced inventory anymore. You need to make your website both informative and useful to your customers. Providing content that goes beyond simply trying to sell your product will go a long way in keeping viewers engaged and interested.

Share information about the different cars you have available. Go into detail about them, show your customers why they should love those cars.

Give out handy tips about car maintenance and care. Help your customers stay informed on seasonal upkeep and yearly checkups.

Let them know about any upcoming sales or events that you’ll be having at your dealership.

Make sure to use local keywords in all of these posts. Keeping your keywords local will ensure that when a customer searches for a car within your company’s city, they actually find you in the process.

Include a variety of content on your website. It will give your company an open and helpful tone and help strengthen your local automotive SEO strategy.

Show Up On Maps

A good automotive SEO strategy isn’t just about showing up on search engines. You also want to show up on a map when your customer searches for local car dealerships.

One way to link yourself to your community is by claiming your page on Google My Business. Do some research on other local ways of getting your company’s address out there in your city.

Manage Customer Reviews

Reviews are key to any company’s online presence. It is important that you keep a good relationship with your customers and reviewers.

You’ll want to keep an open and friendly tone when dealing with any sort of feedback, whether good or bad. Thank your customers for their reviews and answer any questions they have. This will show that you care.

A good online presence will go far in helping your company’s reputation. Good word-of-mouth advertisement is free and effective, after all.

Stay On Top Of Automotive SEO Tactics

The one thing to keep in mind in all this is that SEO as a whole is always changing. More companies use SEO every day. It won’t be long before an old strategy is replaced, making for an all-new way to get the best optimization.

Stay informed about these changes. Don’t let your automotive SEO strategy crumble with age. Research SEO and keep yourself informed of all the ways it is changing.

Then use those tactics to give your company that extra edge.

In Conclusion

Those are the top 5 strategies to use when it comes to your local automotive SEO. If you use this information to strengthen your strategy, you’ll get the results you want.

Just remember that SEO is always changing, and you should too. You’ll need to put in some hard work and dedication to keep your results satisfying.

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