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6 Ways Professional SEO Services Can Take Your Machine Shop To The Top

Recent reports state that nearly half of small businesses have no online presence at all. That means that for those who do, having cutting edge services to manage your presence can grow your business exponentially.

A machine shop using professional SEO services can appear, to the online community, like the only game in town.

If you haven’t updated your site in years, you’ve got a problem. A website is a living organism in the online space and needs to be tended to like a garden.

It can be costly to keep web and IT staff on-site so if your small business can’t handle that cost.

It might be time to think about professional SEO services.

Here are 6 reasons that you should hire a professional.

1. A Better Website For Existing Customers

Hiring professional SEO services means more than just search results. Web crawlers, the services that index website for search engines, privilege results from well-designed sites.

Professional SEO services do an assessment of your current website to ensure its readability. This assessment will also make your site more user-friendly, keeping the clients that it attracts.

SEO services typically include speed tests to ensure that your site is as fast as it is friendly.

2. Attract New Customers

Strong SEO services will help you build your customer base. By analyzing your design and looking at your site’s metadata, SEO services are meant to put you at the top of your clients’ search results.

Since most users don’t go beyond the second page of search results, it’s essential to get your machine shop on the first page of search results.

Keywords, intention, and phrases all contribute to the quality of your search results.

They also contribute to which sites get the first hits. Attracting new customers is contingent on how much web crawlers like your site.

3. Build More Brand Authority

Good SEO presence means having a strong presence on social media. Professional SEO services will take a look at your social media profiles and make sure you’re using them efficiently and optimally.

Every social media app has a different demographic and style.

Instagram is great for showing off photos of your shop. Twitter is great for advertising promotions. Facebook has the broadest audience and is a great place to build a brand voice.

Clients who see you posting about subjects you specialize in will build trust with your brand over time and see you as an authority.

Consider adding a blog section to your site. It will allow you to write articles about the latest techniques and tools your machine shop is using and show your knowledge about fabrication.

4. Save on Marketing Costs

Quality SEO services will save money on marketing. By targeting the users who are out there actively looking for your products online, you get higher impact results than outbound advertising.

Find a professional SEO service that takes the time to focus on local SEO strategies. Knowing not just which city or state to place your search results in, but also regional phrasing will yield quality results.

A strong SEO strategy should look at competitors and put your company in the running for business from the biggest machine shops in your area. Instead of putting together an email strategy or paying to print mailers, SEO can lead interested customers right to your website.

Using social media for promotions is also a cost-effective strategy. Include promo codes and short-term promotions that target returning customers as well as new customers.

If you can’t afford a social media manager on site, have that included in your SEO package.

Add short videos showing off techniques and new gadgets at your shop. Post them to social media and ask other users to post their videos.

You’ll be engaging customers while building your shop’s online persona.

5. Return On Investment

What’s great about professional SEO services is that they often include analytics reports. Your ROI will only increase as you learn how to target your audience and don’t waste resources on visitors who don’t spend time looking through your site.

Agencies working in SEO dedicate time to tracking the effectiveness of their strategy and get into the nitty-gritty details of demographics.

They can see how long people spend on your site, where they get to it from, and how much time they spend watching your videos.

If you do sales through your site, SEO services can see how people navigate your site to get through a sale and which keywords got them looking at your page in the first place.

If you’re just looking to get the word out about your machine shop through your site, make sure you’ve got tools to convert visitors to customers. A form to contact the shop and an email list that touts promotions can create a list of customers.

SEO services can show how visitors turn to leads and help you increase that percentage.

6. Leave Your Competition in the Dust

If you’re struggling to keep up with local competitors, strong SEO services will give you a competitive edge. Making sure your presence is at the top of search results with ads showing up in Facebook feeds will give that name recognition customers value.

A machine shop with a professional looking modern website versus one that hasn’t been updated in a decade can have clients judging the quality of your shop. If you look out of date online, they can only assume your machine shop is also outdated.

Likely, your competitors are working to optimize their sites as you read this.

Don’t give up the competitive edge to them.

Stay a cut above and by being the search result that engines love to show.

Professional SEO Services Work For Every Size Business

Running a machine shop, you know the vast difference in results that you get from a trained hand versus an untrained hand. Hiring SEO professionals can take your web presence from amateur to high-end in just a few weeks.

If you’re considering whether SEO services can fit within your budget, contact us with questions.

There’s a solution for every size company at every budget level.

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