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9 Incredible Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Fall Season

Every couple of months the season changes and so should your company’s marketing. Giving campaigns fresh looks throughout the year has multiple benefits that you should be taking advantage of for your business.

Fall is a great time to start wrapping up end-of-Summer advertising and moving into a new approach to attract customers. But how exactly can your business ride the seasonal wave?

We’ve compiled a list below of 9 great tips for small business marketing ideas. Keep reading to give your business a perfect transition into the next quarter.

1. Run End-of-Summer Campaigns

People are typically used to catching great deals during certain parts of the year. One of the most popular discounts happens right in the last couple of weeks of summer. Stores are usually trying to get rid of their summertime inventory to make space for the next season.

One of the best small business marketing ideas to close out your ‘summer’ chapter is to have a huge summer blowout sale with plenty of markdowns. This will not only help to move stock that will be outdated soon, but it’ll also signal to customers that some new items or services might be upon them. This tends to get buyers excited and keeps their attention.

2. Introduce New Items

Now that you’ve gotten some older stock sold, you can start to focus on rolling out new products and services. Some consumers may not pay attention to the fact that you’re using seasonal changes as a way to replace stock items. But this is fine because well-paced updates are great small business marketing ideas.

Depending on your products, it’s probably best to which new items you’ll be revealing to your audience plan far in advance. This gives you a headstart on getting your offers to align with the fall season (i.e. skincare, decorative objects, etc.).

3. Switch Up Imagery

We all subconsciously have preset notions of what certain elements (fonts, images, flavors, etc.) represent when we see them. For instance, you’d typically do well advertising refreshing summer lip balms with images of flowers, sunshine and beaches. Everyone would automatically think about the hot season.

Since you’re moving into the fall season, you should incorporate details in your marketing images that correspond with fall, like colorful leaves and pumpkins. Think about psychology in advertising in regards to what your specific audience might expect to see during this season. Then use those images to help usher in the new changes.

4. Test Lead Magnets

All companies hope that the new season will bring in new customers. A great way to convert leads that you might attract is continuing to grow your email list. And one of the best small business marketing ideas for email marketing is offering something free to a prospect in exchange for their email address.

Utilize the fall season to roll out some new offers as lead magnets. Run A/B split tests to see which ones yield you the best results.

5. Focus on SEO

Using the same SEO strategies you used in the previous season might not be one of the best small business marketing ideas. You should try to mix it up by reviewing your current SEO and applying new strategies to any area that may not be working for you anymore.

You could also use the seasonal change for a general reevaluation period. Do an in-depth analysis of analytics and update any metatags and local SEO techniques. This is also the time to research new keywords and phrases that will help new customers find you during the fall season.

6. Be on Trend

When it comes to running a marketing campaign, you have to remember that you are essentially trying to catch the eye of a lot of like-minds within a larger society. And society has a built-in groupthink theory that speaks to multiple people relating to and understanding certain concepts, ideas, etc.

With this in mind, you should know the importance of harnessing the power of trends. Using trendy things, such as topics, words or music, for your business can help to connect with your audience much quicker, effectively and authentically.

Beware of excessive usage, being unrelatable or use tasteless tactics into your small business marketing ideas, as this could cause you to lose some authority or professionalism in your company.

7. Use Holiday Promotions

The fall season has lots of great holidays. Although culture and location can affect the number of people who celebrate or recognize these holidays, the major ones are still known around the world.

Using holidays for promotions is one of the most simple small business marketing ideas to execute. Be sure to do sufficient research on any holiday before publishing advertisers to avoid misinterpreting or offending any cultures or people.

8. Bring Events Indoors

Of course summer is a great time to advertise your business with fun outdoor events at pools and BBQs. However, since the weather starts to get a little chill to it, it’s time to bring the festivities indoors.

Start hosting indoor activities to keep your audience engaged IRL (in real life). If you aren’t already throwing events as a method of marketing for your company you should consider doing so.

9. Hire Fresh Talent

Investing in the right advertising tools in your business is important. But investing the right people is just as vital to running successful marketing campaigns. Taking time to put together a solid team is a significant factor in building a profitable business.

It might be time to have a fresh set of eyes look over some of your previous marketing strategies to help improve or extend them. You should also consider outsourcing for projects that you plan on doing in the fall.

Looking for More Small Business Marketing Ideas?

Don’t let the fall season go to waste by not consider a new approach to your small business marketing ideas. Try out some of the tips listed to help bring in new clients, keep existing customers and boost sales.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the perfect ways to advertise your business this fall, contact us today for further assistance with your marketing needs.

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