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Measure Consumer Preference: A Comprehensive Explanation of Neuromarketing

Have you ever wondered what turned on the must-buy switch on your client’s brain? That’s the question on top of every business owner. It’s mindboggling that a business can figure out their potential customer but, not what made them buy their products or services.

You may think that figuring this out is like answering if the chicken or the egg came first. Yet, it isn’t too hard to do it when science and marketing work together. Have you ever heard about neuromarketing?

It may sound like rocket science to you but, it’s more simple than you may think. Don’t know if it can help you figure out what makes your customers tick?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you everything about what is neuromarketing and how you can use it to grow your business. Read on to learn more.

What Is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing can help you take your marketing plan to the next level. This type of marketing is the science of understanding the process behind customers decision making by studying your their brain reactions. Experts run studies and analyze the average Joe’s reaction to your marketing.

Most small business owners believe only big companies can take advantage of neuromarketing. Yet, you can apply these strategies to every phase of your marketing plan, from your email campaigns to your website. It’s recommended that you don’t make all your changes at once.

You should test changes such as email headlines or making your website more engaging, one at a time.  Consider hiring a web design company to improve your website.

If you do it step by step, you can track and obtain accurate results. You can use this information to make adjustments to your marketing plan and get to know your customers better.

Here are some neuromarketing examples that can put your client’s brain to work for you.

1. Use Attractive Packaging for Your Products

Large brands like Frito Lay and Campbells use neuromarketing to design attractive packaging. They interview customers and use neuroimaging. This information helps them achieve a balance in the packaging text, color, and imagery.

You could apply this technique by interviewing customers to learn how they feel about your products. If you own a car dealership, you can ask them how they feel about the available car models, colors, and specs. This information can help you anticipate their choices when you buy more units to sell.

2. Too Many Options Can Paralyze Your Customer

Yes, you read that right. You may think it’s better to offer a wide array of options to your customers. Yet, experts found that even though a large assortment drew 60 percent of customers only 3 percent made a purchase.

In contrast, only 40 percent of customers stopped to check out a small assortment but, 30 percent who sampled made a purchase. According to neuromarketing, you should offer a wide array of options but, not too many. You should consider applying this strategy in your showrooms.

Can You Apply Neuromarketing Strategies in Your Business?

Yes, you can apply neuromarketing strategies in your business. It all begins with understanding what is neuromarketing and how to put it to work for you. Like in any marketing strategy, you must tailor it to your business and market.

What makes your customers tick? It may not be easy at first. But, some neuromarketing tips you can apply are targeting their senses, emotions and emphasizing pleasure in your marketing campaigns.

Want to learn more ways to harness the power of neuromarketing to grow your business? Check out our marketing blog for more insightful articles.

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