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Ad Upgrade: Try Using Free Stock Photography from these Sites

Did you know that if your website content includes images, you can average around 94 percent more views than your competitors?

And, that 60 percent of internet users are more likely to consider local search results that include images?

Clearly, images can be a very powerful tool for your businesses.

But, the question is, where exactly are you supposed to find these images? Many businesses choose to hire a photographer for their website images.

But, what if that’s out of your price range?

If that’s the case, we suggest using free stock photos. Free stock photos often look just as good as photos taken by a professional photographer, and they come at a much cheaper price.

But where are you supposed to find these stock photos?

We suggest using one of the many stock image sites.

What are the best stock image sites?

Check out this guide to find out!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is perhaps one of the most popular free stock photo sites, and for a good reason.

All of the photos on Unsplash are created by skilled photographers. Seriously, it’s like having free access to thousands and thousands of photographers’ portfolios.

While there are fewer images than you will find on other stock photos sites, the quality is much more consistent.

The site comes with a search tool which makes it incredibly easy to find the specific type of photo you are looking for. However, if you have a bit of time, you should also check out their Collections section.

This is a feature that includes groups of photos sorted by theme. For example, you’ll see themes like “Into the Wild”, or “Light and Shadow”.

And, best of all, Unsplash even has an iPhone app.

And, last but not least, even though it’s not necessary to credit stock photos, Unsplash includes links to the photographer if you so wish to add that.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is easily the biggest collection of free stock photos online.

Even though the quality can be variable at times, because there are so many images, it’s never too difficult to find one in the theme you need that’s also high-quality.

But, what makes Pixabay really great is that it includes more than just images. It also includes illustrations, graphics, and even some videos. Pixabay has a particularly impressive collection of landscape photography, so if you have a travel business or some other business that involves the outdoors, this is the site for you.

And, once you’ve found an image on Pixabay, you can also choose the resolution that you’d like.

3. Death to Stock

This stock photo site was founded by two photographers, Allie and David.

Allie and David started their site after they realized how challenging it was for bloggers, businesses, and other creatives to find high-quality stock images that fit their vibe.

Hence, Death to Stock was born. Death to Stock runs a little differently than other stock photo sites. Instead of browsing through images, the free version involves submitting your email and being sent a batch of free stock photos each month.

If you want full browsing rights, you’ll have to pay. But, their price plan is actually extremely reasonable- $15/month or $180/year. While it may seem annoying to pay when there are so many free sites out there, the cool part about the paid membership is that a percentage of your payment is used to fund photography trips and other creative endeavors.

4. PikWizard

While product images are great, it’s also very important to include images of people on your website.

But, it can sometimes be very hard to find good stock photos of people that don’t look forced or fake. That’s where PikWizard comes in.

On PikWizard, you won’t see any cheesy or awkward photos. Instead, you will see a wide range of quality images of people in natural poses.

5. Negative Space

Negative Space specializes in featuring photos from up and coming photographers.

Truly, anyone with a camera is invited to make a contribution to negative space. However, just because the site includes images taken by amateur photographers does not mean they look cheap.

Negative Space also has a newsletter that you can sign up for, and because the content is refreshed so often, it’s definitely worth taking a look at their site on a consistent basis.

Negative Space is also based in the UK, with many images featuring British scenes. Therefore, if you run a business in this country, it’s definitely worth checking out.

6. Canva Natural Women Collection

While full access to Canva definitely costs money, their Natural Women Collection is actually entirely free.

If you’ve dabbled in stock photos before, you definitely know that diverse shots of women are few and far between. Typically, stock photos include images of blond and tan women with robotic smiles on their faces.

If you want images that break this tired mold, then the Natural Women Collection is definitely worth checking out. This collection features women of different ages, races, and sizes being active and involved in the world around them.

7. Gratisography

If you are looking for stock photos that truly break the mold, then Gratisopgraphy is the site to check out.

This site features a healthy collection of photos by photographer and designer, Ryan Mcguire.

All of the photos have a surreal, quirky edge to them, and they truly provide a breath of fresh air for anyone who is tired of the cliche, dull stock photos that consume so many sites. Aka, you won’t see any photos of women laughing while eating a salad on this site.

While Gratisography doesn’t offer the wide range of images that other sites do, the creativity more than makes up for it.

Best Stock Images Sites: Are You Ready to Start Downloading Some Photos?

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent stock images sites out there.

Which of these sites are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments below. And, let us know if you have any questions about the best stock image sites on this list.

Also, be sure to check out our website design info to see how we can help improve your site beyond the realm of just images.

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