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Facebook Advertising Objectives: 4 Things to Consider

Did you know that Facebook currently has 2.2 billion monthly users?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the best places to reach a wide range of customers. But it can be hard to know exactly how to advertise on the site.

Luckily, Facebook provides plenty of tools to help, and Facebook advertising objectives are a great way to get the results you want.

Not sure which advertising objectives to choose? Keep reading for four key considerations that should help you to make the right decision.

1. Awareness Objectives Work Well for New Businesses and Products

Want to raise awareness about a new business? Keen to get the word out about a new product?

Choosing awareness objectives is a great way to make sure your ads reach as many people as possible.

While you might not see as many clicks, downloads, or sales as with other objectives, you can be sure that plenty of people will see your ad. This can lead to greater brand engagement down the line.

If you’re playing the long game and don’t need results right away, awareness objectives are perfect.

2. Traffic Objectives Are Ideal for Driving Clicks

Want to quickly boost traffic to your site?

Choosing the traffic objective ensures that your ad reaches the people who are most likely to click. This is ideal if you want to promote a blog post, special offer, or new product.

While this objective might not generate as many conversions as others, it’s a great way to get more people to engage with your site.

3. Engagement Objectives Can Organically Increase Your Reach

Keen to get more likes and comments on your posts?

The engagement objective targets the people who are most likely to interact with your content. This helps make your brand look more popular. It can also boost your organic reach since engagement creates new timeline activities for other users.

This is a great option if your page doesn’t usually get much follower interaction.

4. Conversion Objectives Are More Likely to Drive Sales

Want to see cold, hard results? Not interested in just increasing traffic or boosting engagement?

Conversion objectives were made for you.

These objectives focus on increasing specific actions, like product downloads, sales, and store visits. They’re ideal if you already have decent levels of traffic and engagement and are ready to take action to boost your profits.

If you don’t have much traffic yet, it makes sense to focus on awareness and consideration objectives first.

How to Choose the Right Facebook Advertising Objectives

To set the right Facebook advertising objectives, you need to look at the long-term plan for your business.

Where are you right now? Where do you want to be? Which areas are you currently struggling with?

If you’ve got tons of engagement but aren’t making any sales, a conversion objective makes sense. If your business is brand new, an awareness objective is a smart choice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and track your results. It’s easy to alter your campaign as things change.

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