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Your Complete Guide to Facebook Canvas Ads

In 2018, Facebook reached 2.23 billion monthly active users. So no matter what industry you’re in, it’s a great idea to advertise on Facebook.

One newer feature you should consider trying are Facebook canvas ads. Whether you’ve used Facebook to advertise before or not, these are definitely worth considering for your business.

But it can be a little overwhelming to start without much background knowledge. That’s why we’ve put this guide together to give you the ins and outs of Facebook canvas ads.

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What are Canvas Ads?

In late 2015, Facebook announced a new ad format called Canvas Ads. In 2016 after testing, these were released to the general public.

Canvas ads are a full-screen ad format for mobile screens. In these ads, users can scroll up or down as well as from left to right. They are meant to provide an immersive experience for users.

They’re also effective because they provide your audience with a seamless experience inside the Facebook app itself. They don’t have to click to leave your site to learn more. Everything they need is right there.

The other interesting part about Canvas ads is their customizability. You can include videos, products, images, text, and CTA buttons. They offer a lot more versatility than typical Facebook ad types.

Canvas ads also load very quickly. In fact, Facebook has revealed that Canvas ads load ten times faster than the standard mobile web.

Because of this, these ads will feel even more natural to your audience. The whole experience will be simpler and easier, creating a more positive impact.

When Should You Use Facebook Canvas Ads?

There are lots of applications for Canvas ads. Whether you want to implement a conversion campaign, grow brand awareness, or generate more clicks to your site, these are a great idea.

If you want to elicit a direct response, consider using a format that displays your products with a CTA button.

If brand awareness is your goal, focus your efforts on creating engaging visuals and copy to attract as many views as possible. In this case, also consider paying based on CPM (impressions) rather than CPC (clicks). This will help you optimize your views.

Here are some more detailed descriptions of the most common Canvas ad elements.

Text Block Area

Unlike typical Facebook ads, Canvas ads allow you to write a longer block of copy, up to 500 characters to be exact. This gives you space to really deliver a concrete message.

But just because you have the space doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to fill it. Your copy should be clear, concise, and direct. Don’t ramble just to take up space.

As far as customization, you can bold, underline, or italicize your text. You can also choose to align it left, right, or centered. As far as font options, you can’t use a script or cursive font, but you can use a Serif or San Serif style.

Full-Screen Images

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest benefits of Canvas ads is the ability to display full screen engaging images.

In this case, the image will take up the full width of the screen. Your image should be at least 1080px wide and 1920px high and should be a .jpg or .png file.

As far as photo type, there are two main options.

First, is a tilt to pan photo. This is an image which pans around when a user moves their phone. This provides an immersive experience.

This option does not have an included destination URL section. This means that if someone clicks on your photo, it won’t take them right your website.

However, you can add a button below the image where you can add a call to action.

The other option is a standard photo. This option allows the user to still scroll left to right and up and down inside the picture. And with this option, you can add a destination URL right to the image.

Both are good options depending on your goals and circumstances.


Video is another great possibility for your Canvas ads. To make it as effective as possible, pick a short video. If it’s too long, people might get bored and leave your ad.

If it’s under 15 or 20 seconds, that’s the best option. That way you can really capture people’s attention.

From a technical standpoint, make sure your video is shot from a portrait perspective. Landscape videos will work but aren’t as ideal.

As far as resolution goes, make sure your video has a resolution of at least 720p. And from a file standpoint, it needs to be a .mov or .mp4 file type.


When you’re trying to get people to get to your website, your CTA is super important. Well, Canvas ads make this process very simple with a great button feature.

As far as specs go, you can type up to 30 characters and can choose the color of the button as well as the font.


Carousel Facebook ads are one of the most popular ad types because they allow you to feature multiple images. Users can scroll them to see lots of different pictures in one ad.

When it comes to Canvas ads, the carousel feature is even better. You can have up to 10 images displayed.

This is great for e-commerce sites who want to display different product options, like colors, models, or different sizes. You could also feature one product in various locations and uses to portray its versatility.

Simply include a button below the images that invites people to take action on your site. This will make your carousel ad even more effective.

To make this work best, make sure your images are all the same size. The file type should be a .png or .jpg.

Our team can help you set up your ads if you’re looking for some additional help.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read all about Facebook Canvas ads, what’s next? It’s time to get started!

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us today. We’re happy to help you with your social media marketing.

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