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How Your Facebook Relevance Score Alters Your Instagram

Social media is constantly evolving, making it hard to keep up with the best strategies.

Not seeing an ROI from your Facebook or Instagram ads? Not sure how to interpret metrics in the Ads Manager?

Read on to learn about your Facebook relevance score and how it impacts your performance on both Facebook and Instagram!

1. What Is The Facebook Relevance Score?

The relevance score is a metric calculated in Facebook advertising that plays a role in how Facebook delivers ads to an audience.

Simply put, it measures how relevant your ads are to your target audience.

The metric is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback that an ad is expected to receive from an audience.

Positive feedback includes clicks, likes, conversions, video views, and more. Negative feedback occurs when people hide your ads, comment negatively, or report the ad.

The relevance score is not the only metric that advertisers should consider when monitoring a campaign, but it does give some indication of how the ad will perform.

2. How Do You Find Your Relevance Score?

The relevance score of an ad will not appear until the ad has reached 500 impressions.

Once an ad hits 500 impressions, you can find the relevance score by navigating to the ads level in the Ads Manager.

3. Does It Impact Instagram?

No matter what type of campaign you run and what placements you use, relevance score can impact the performance of your ads.

With that in mind, and the ability to place ads on Instagram, your Facebook relevance score absolutely impacts Instagram.

An ad with a low relevance score will see a decreased reach and higher costs per conversion because the ad will lose in Facebook’s bidding process.

4. How To Improve This Metric

If your ads have low relevance scores, you can tweak your strategy to improve this metric.

Narrow down the target audience, write compelling ad copy, and use an image that stops people in their tracks.

In the same way that content reigns supreme in social media marketing, aligning these elements will help your ads perform better.

5. Getting It Right From The Start

The best Facebook and Instagram ads know their customers.

Doing research prior to launching a campaign will help you discover what your target customers want. You can also learn the type of verbiage to use in your ad copy.

To create high performing campaigns, don’t neglect proper research, copywriting, targeting, or creatives. They play a crucial role in the process!

Ramp Up Your Facebook and Instagram Ads!

Now that you’ve got a primer on how the Facebook relevance score works, you’re well prepared to run high-performing Facebook and Instagram ads!

Has a poor relevance score impacted your ads?

Do you need help getting results from your Facebook or Instagram ads? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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