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Future of Healthcare Marketing: 5 Trends to Watch

With the rising use of mobile devices and social media, healthcare marketing is transforming. Healthcare marketing is becoming more patient-centric. And that’s because patients are gaining the power to put their healthcare choices in their own hands.

Is your healthcare marketing plan on track with the trends for 2017? Here are five trends every healthcare marketer needs to be aware of this year.

Online Reviews Are Affecting Patients’ Provider Choice

According to Referral MD, “74% of internet users engage on social media. 80% of those internet users are specifically looking for health information, and nearly half are searching for information about a specific doctor or health professional.”

Now more than ever, people have the power to choose who they will receive care from. It isn’t just enough to have a professional medical title anymore. Patients have the power to research potential health care providers and choose who they will treat them.

With this in mind, it is especially important that you are keeping up with online review sites and are aware of what people are saying. Claim your Yelp page and add your own photos.

The Shift to a Patient-Centric Approach

Another rising trend in healthcare marketing is that of a more patient-centric approach. A patient’s time is just as valuable as their doctor’s.

Patients have so many resources to find a provider that will cater to them. That’s why it is important that doctors are recognizing this and being respectful of their patient’s time.

In order to cater to patients, it is important to use marketing strategies that make the patient aware that their time will be respected.

Social Media is Playing a Role in Healthcare Marketing

This should come as no surprise. With the growing use of mobile devices, healthcare marketing has shifted toward social media channels. Healthcare marketers now have the power to manage their online reputations. Which is a great thing!

For some, talking about health may not be the most exciting topic. But if you use social media the right way, it can be a fun way to increase patient engagement. Giving patients a call to action is important. Asking for a testimonial of their experience, could be a great way to engage patients and organically grow your reviews.

The Growing Use of Telemedicine

Telemedicine may seem foreign to some, but it has been around for nearly two decades. This year, it is expected to become much more common. Many physicians are expected to offer virtual appointments. Telemedicine will be especially helpful in time sensitive situations.

This service will be especially important to healthcare marketing. It will make patients feel at ease knowing that a physician can be reached with ease.

Live Video for Patient Education

Many healthcare providers host seminars, lectures, or patient education events. But healthcare marketing has taken a new approach to these events. With the growing use of live streaming services, such as Facebook live, patients don’t even have to attend these events in person.

Why Follow These Healthcare Marketing Trends?

There seems to be one common denominator in all of these healthcare marketing trends, and that is technology. So why follow these trends?

With advancements in technology every day, it is vital to your success to adopt these trends if you want business to grow. Some of these concepts may seem foreign, but there are always resources to help you make the switch!

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