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Good Advice for Starting a Therapy Practice in the Tech Age

Did you know that the rules for getting your private practice seen online are constantly changing? With the rapid growth in technology, bigger and better possibilities are available to you.

This means it’s all the more important to stay current on the newest and most effective digital practices.

Let’s take a look at some good advice for starting a therapy private practice in the tech age.

Seek Advice from Those Who Have Experience

With all the information and advice out there on creating a successful private practice, it can feel a little overwhelming.

Whose advice should you trust? Whose suggestions should you take? Where do you even get started in the tech age?

You’ll first want to speak to the people who know. Find people who’ve been recommended by your colleagues, friends or other reputable sources to help guide your efforts.

Accounting Advice

You’ll need to speak to an accountant to get your finances in order. You’ll want solid guidance on tax preparation and how to file for your business in the most effective way.

If you’ve never run a small business before, the details of taxes take some time to learn. Don’t skip this step.

Advice on Insurance for Your Employees and Your Business

If you plan to have employees, speak to an insurance agent about the options for dental, vision and health insurance. Remember, health insurance is now required for every person, so anybody you hire will be looking for this benefit.

You’ll also want to speak with an insurance agent about liability and malpractice insurance. No matter how ethical you are, there could be patients who take a disliking to you. It’s best to be prepared with proper protection.

Legal Advice

It’s a good rule of thumb to always consult a lawyer when starting a therapy private practice. Find out what possible legal issues can arise during your business venture.

Arm yourself with good, solid legal counsel before anything happens. This can act as a powerful preventative measure to prevent anything bad from happening.

Asking for Help from Those Who Have Success Stories

Therapists often times have difficulty asking for support when they need it. And yet, we try to teach our patients to ask for help.

When you’re starting a therapy private practice, you’ll want to find the people who are where you want to be. Talk to therapists who have successful practices and see what they did to thrive in the tech age. This is great networking, too.

Join Professional Organizations

Professional organizations such as American Society of Addiction Psychiatrists (ASAP) or American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) can offer great clout to your private practice. These affiliations provide you with great resources and current research in your field.

When you join a professional organization, your name automatically holds more credibility. This is, in part, due to the number of up-to-date materials and information available to members.

Do Your Market Research

You’ll need to do some market research to find out about the economic strength for your particular brand of therapy. For instance, how strong is the community’s openness to your therapy modalities?

If you specialize in something more unique or unusual, it may be difficult to build up your clientele. If your niche is Re-birthing, you’ll want to know how open your community is to this technique.

Check out the demographics and trends for private practice. Find out which practices have been successful in the past and build on their approaches.

Begin Marketing Before You Have Your Private Practice

In the tech age, you’ll want to start your marketing well before you start your practice. You’ve probably already got more resources than you may even realize just through your connections from previous employers.

Know Your Niche

Rather than trying to learn a whole bunch of different modalities, focus on a few that you’re really passionate about. Then begin spreading the word.

This will help potential patients know exactly what they’re getting from your services. You’ll want to be portrayed accurately and competently online.

Design a Killer Website

Starting a therapy private practice requires having a website that stands out.

You want your branding to catch the patient’s eye and be mindful of under or overdoing the colors you choose. It can be helpful to consult the psychology of colors to know how your choice of color may affect a person.

Be sure to include a detailed and personal bio on your website. You want to give your readers enough for them to know how you approach life, relationships, and therapy. Help them see you on a human level.

Know Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Starting a therapy private practice demands that people see you and know you’re there. You’ll want to be up-to-date on SEO strategies that can put your practice highest in the ratings.

You’ll want to be sure to use keywords that people are sure to search for such as counselor, therapy, therapist, as well as your specific niche.

Good SEO management requires skills and hard work up front. But the payoffs are quick to come in.

Maintain a Regularly Updated Blog

Keeping a regular blog can be incredibly helpful when starting a therapy private practice. Your blog allows readers to know who you are and what you stand for.

Mix personal with professional outlooks and ideas into your blog.

Embrace Social Media in All Forms

Starting a therapy private practice comes with its own challenges. It takes hard work, dedication, and financial means. It also takes know-how when it comes to social media best practices.

Social media is arguably the most important piece of the get-yourself-noticed puzzle. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with all of the current significant social media sites. Some of these include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat

Post any pictures or personal stories of your involvement with the local community. People seeking services like it when a business takes an interest in their community.

Use Ads for Your Private Practice

Be sure your potential patients know what you have to offer them through advertisements. You can use magazines, newspapers, radio appearances or flyers to demonstrate your niche.

If you specialize in inner child work, do a radio appearance on how this work can help patients on a very deep level. If you do divorce counseling, address common issues surrounding divorce in a magazine article.

Starting a Therapy Private Practice

Starting your own practice is fun, challenging and requires time and dedication.

And it helps to know the tools and techniques that can boost your presence along the way. If you’re looking for support in starting a therapy practice, check us out today!

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