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How to Build a Landing Page that Sells

Companies that have long landing pages generate up to 220% more leads compared to those with lower landing pages. However, even with all the assurance that landing pages can spearhead growth, almost 20% of business don’t have an effective strategy for testing landing pages.

Crafting a high converting landing page might not be rocket science, but is more than designing something that looks good. Ensuring that you create and provide your customers with what they want is a process. As an entrepreneur, you will have to do detailed research to demystify the process and develop a landing page that matters.

For you to experiences high converts, your page must focus on both product features and benefits to its users. If you are new to the technology industry, but you want to invest in an online business, here is how to create a page that sells.

What Is A Landing Page?

Before you start thinking about how to create one, it is essential to understand what it is and its importance to your business. A landing page is where you send visitors to close a deal and initiate a conversion. Its main objective is to increase conversion rates for your business and obtain its growth goals.

Most people use their homepage as landing pages, but there are those who like creating a different page. However, the main difference between the two pages is often on how visitors find about its existence.

For the homepage, visitors know through social media or word of mouth while the landing page is found organically. This is often through high-ranking search results and using keywords.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page?

Businesses have different reasons as to why they need a landing page. However, landing pages are instrumental in ensuring business achieve their respective goals. Common goals are to make a profit, increase email list, or build your brand.

A Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

As stated earlier, a landing page should focus on closing the deal. Therefore, it has to have clear directions as to how clients should seal the deal.

For instance, if you are selling a product, ensure to include a place for the Buy Now button. Additionally, have a section to Sign Up as a way of closing the deal.

However, before directing your audience to take action, your landing page must share essential benefits as to why audience/clients need to use it.

Positive First Impression

It only takes 3 seconds or shorter for a visitor to spot something that will impress them on your page. Therefore, when building the landing page, the first impression must be positive.

When your impression is not favorable, it is highly unlikely that visitors will continue to stay on your site. The first thing they spot will also influence the type of decision they make while on your website.

If you are looking to close a deal, therefore, ensure clients are pleased with what they see in the first few seconds they land there.

Your choice of colors, site arrangement, wording, and image usage are critical elements when it comes to the first impression. It may not be easy to identify what the audience is looking for by visiting your page. However, if you ensure your page has the basic elements that promote your product and communicates with your audience, you are good to go.

Benefits of Effective Landing Page

Apart from increasing your conversions, an effective landing page has several other benefits. 

When developing a landing page, you want to be sure that it will get your target market. Therefore, it has to meet particular search terms to make it easy for people to find it.

Additionally, when you capitalize on keywords or terms that people use to find similar products, your brand gets a higher ranking with Google. In return, your page gets in front, and people looking for such products or services will find you faster.

Essential Elements For Building An Effective Landing Page

Killer Headline

Your headline will determine whether your visitor will stay on your page or not. This is where all the selling begins. Therefore, your headline should be compelling, easy to understand, and an attention grabber.

However, ensure your heading is short and persuasive. Also, ensure that it draws an image of what the entire page is about even before the reader continues to read through.

Persuasive Subheads

Once you have successfully made your visitors to look farther with the headline, your subheads should make them stay. Ensure your ideas are flowing, and there is a smooth transition from one subhead to the other.

Additionally, your subheads should contain more details than the main header. This will help in ensuring that you persuade the audience to try your brand.


The brain processes images faster than text. Therefore, taking advantage of visual content on a landing page will bring results faster.

The type of images you share on your page will affect visitors immediately and will trigger them to make the decision. Therefore, ensure your pictures are convenient and they promote your brand positively.


After every subhead, ensure to give a brief description to your audience. This will help them understand more about your brand and make it easy for them to develop interest.

After all, a customer will not be interested in buying products or services that they don’t understand anything about. Therefore, make your explanation clear and as natural as possible.

Why They Need Your Brand

Whichever way appropriate to deliver this point, ensure to describe the importance of having your product or services onboard. Give a brief description of what they might lose if they don’t convert.

For instance, think of the pain you feel when you lose something you treasure. This way, your landing page will persuade visitors to try your brand to safeguard their possession.

Creating a High Converting Landing Page

Having an effective landing page is a dream of every online entrepreneur. Converting leads indicates that a business is growing and it guarantees that you are standing at a perfect spot.

If you are not tech-savvy, or not sure how to develop a high converting landing page, you don’t have to panic. Contact us to get started.

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