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How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Lights, camera, call to action! Marketing videos are effective ways to boost your brand’s awareness and enhance business sales.

What goes into the making of an effective marketing video? Take the proper steps to create a video that resonates with your target demographic and leads to higher sales.

We’ve outlined why videos need to be part of your advertising campaign and how to create one that stands out.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

With so much online content, it’s imperative to invest part of your advertising budget in video marketing. Videos dominate social media to the point that Facebook predicts in five years, the social media platform will be all video.

According to HubSpot Research, half of all customers want to see brand videos. This is good news for marketers and business owners, as videos produce 80% conversion rates and 90% of customers use video assets to aid them in buying decisions.

Video marketing aids sales teams in guiding a customer through his or her buying journey. Other than spreading brand awareness and boosting customer engagement, effective video marketing produces a phenomenal ROI and turns prospects into customers.

Steps to Creating Awesome Marketing Videos

So you know your business needs an attention-grabbing marketing video, but what’s the first step? We’ve outlined action items to create a successful video campaign.

1. Identify Target Market

First things first have a clear understanding of the target customers your video is aimed at. Creating a few specific videos aimed at a target demographic is more effective than generating one broad video aimed at the general population.

To fully understand who your video is aimed at, create a buyer’s persona for your target market.

Outline what your demographic likes, dislikes, and relates to. What are their age, income, and personality like? Specific buyer personas help you produce a relatable video.

For the automotive industry, consider the specific target audience each vehicle model attracts. Your truck buyers will be much different than your car buyers, and your video should reflect that.

2. Get Proper Equipment

It doesn’t matter how awesome your phone’s camera is or that you know how to use iMovie. If you want a professional-looking marketing video, hire a professional team for the job.

You need appropriate cameras, lighting, sound, and editing equipment to make your video pop. Cell phone videos look amateur and won’t resonate with customers or stand out against competitors.

Proper equipment provides you with plenty of b-roll footage you can reuse for a video project later. You can take drone shots, edit in sound effects, and create a video remembered by your customers.

3. Create a Well-Written Script

When it comes to designing your script, focus on telling a story rather than making a sale. Stories captivate an audience and keep them engaged. It will encourage users to take a call to action and remember your brand.

Consider what type of story relates to your target market. Perhaps it’s a truck driver who breaks down in the countryside or a mom relying on her new vehicle to get everywhere she needs to go.

Whoever your target demographic is, make sure your storyline applies to them. This will increase your engagement and lead to better conversions.

4. Keep It Simple

Michael Scott knew a thing or two when he coined the phrase Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS). Long and drawn-out videos don’t resonate with customers. The last thing a marketer wants is to leave their audience confused at the end of the video.

Marketing videos should be as short as they can be without leaving out essential information. 

Your video shouldn’t incorporate too much that viewers are overwhelmed. It also shouldn’t leave out details, creating a bland video. Instead, your advertising video needs to be just right.

Write a script and have multiple editors review it. Work together to eliminate unnecessary information. Add in extra pieces to spice up your video if needed.

Consider where you’re distributing your marketing video. Twitter videos are most effective if they’re 45 seconds and under, while Instagram videos should be 30 seconds in length. Regardless of your social platform, your marketing video should never exceed two minutes.

5. Include a Call to Action

What’s the point of your marketing video if you don’t have a captivating call to action?

A proper CTA encourages users to take your desired action. It can be a phone call, a contact form, link to your inventory, or a new social media follower. Your CTA is determined by your campaign’s overall marketing goal.

When you design your CTA, think what you want customers to do after viewing your video. Once you’ve decided what, determine how you can make it possible.

If your goal is to increase automotive sales, create a CTA that sends users to a  landing page. A well-designed landing page is full of more CTAs that encourage a person to complete a contact form.

Once their information is submitted, your sales team can begin its process and turn users into customers. That’s how you generate more sales from your video campaign.

6. Distribute Through Target Mediums

Once your video is complete (and looks amazing), it’s time to determine the best means of advertising your footage. 

Consider your target market and how you can reach them. Are they on Facebook or Instagram? Or are your customers more likely to watch the 5 o’clock news on TV?

Regardless of what platforms you distribute your media, your video needs to be on your website. Homepage videos increase your SEO and boost online engagement.

Build a Video Like No Other

There are a lot of marketing videos out there, so yours must stand out against the crowd. An effective video campaign appeals to your target demographic, tells an engaging story, and is delivered through optimal marketing channels. It’s simple, gets to the point, and includes a carefully constructed CTA that encourages your desired actions.

Effective marketing videos produce first-rate ROIs and boost your brand’s awareness.

Learn more about enhancing your marketing strategy through the power of video by contacting your local marketing experts at North Lake Digital. We’re here to design the most effective video campaign you’ve ever dreamed of.

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