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How to Overcome Sales Objections Online

No one likes losing a sale. But as website owners, you know it’s a common problem. Customers may be on their way to making a purchase, but something comes up – a sales objection. A thought comes to mind that tells them “I should not buy this.”

When you sell online, you have to quell all their fears upfront, as there’s no interaction with a sales person to make a personal pitch. Luckily, there are many ways to overcome objections, by using the right guidance and trust for your product or service.

Based on our experience we’ve found these to be the top ten sales objections online – and how to overcome them.

Sales Objection 1 – Not Willing to Pay that Much

Customers may get to the end of the purchasing process and decide the product is too expensive.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Understand why the customer is really buying this product and write copy that speaks to your understanding& care.
  • Help them understand the value of the product and how it solves their problem. You can do this through copy, graphic or video.
  • Make it clear what’s in it for them by listing specific benefits to justify the cost.
  • Demonstrate how the cost of not buying is much more.

Sales Objection 2 – Fear of Change

People inherently fear making big changes, like buying a new mattress or other big purchase. They ask, “Why change something that’s worked for 10 years?”

How to Handle Objection:

  • Show how technology has changed over time and why this product is better than previous versions
  • Explain the benefits of upgrading, site research that shows how often you should get new running shoes, couches, etc.

Sales Objection 3 – Lack of Trust

A new customer might not trust your company yet, and are unwilling to commit to a purchase.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Be forthcoming with information and share testimonials or reviews that prove your trustworthiness
  • Make sure your website is trustworthy with the proper security and fraud protection.
  • Be understanding in your copy and graphics
  • Tell your story. Help visitors get to know you and why you do what you do.
  • Share your community service activities. Help visitors see that you’re more than just business as usual.
  • Display any certifications you have as an industry expert.

Sales Objection 4 – Timing is Wrong

Customers may be interested in your product, but don’t think it’s the right time to make a purchase.

How to Handle Objection:

  • List the benefits to working with you/buying your product today
  • Emphasize the value and the importance of buying now with a limited time offer
  • Explain how easy the product/service is to get started, position asa no-brainer to make a purchase today
  • Detail the loss of not buying today

Sales Objection 5 – Customer is Confused

A confused customer does nothing. If your website or product descriptions don’t make sense, people will quickly leave.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Offer distinct beautiful photos of your products and detailed descriptions, including size and specific features
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you on your site if they have questions via phone or live chat. Email is too slow.

Sales Objection 6 – Don’t Believe the Value of the Product

Customers may not believe that the product is worth as much as you say.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Establish a perception of high value, then discount from that established value to your actual selling price – everyone loves bargains.
  • If it is an expensive, high-value item, describe the rarity and craftsmanship to justify the value.

Sales Objection 7 – Can’t Afford to Pay

A customer may love your product, but it is out of their price range.

How to Handle Objection:

  • If customers are constantly turning away from your site, you may be marketing to the wrong audience, one that can’t afford your product.
  • Either reevaluate your target audience and rebrand toward them, or lower your price point to meet the budget of your existing customers.

Sales Objection 8 – Beat by the Competition

A customer turns to the competitor and purchases from them instead.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Make sure you match and surpass everything your competitor offers
  • Or, focus on things they can’t or won’t do to set yourself apart.
  • Provide a comparison chart that demonstrates what makes your option the obvious choice.

Sales Objection 9 – No Urgency to Purchase

A customer may be interested, but they are just browsing, or don’t feel the need to purchase at the moment.

How to Handle Objection:

  • Present a sense of urgency – a sale that is ending
  • A limited time buy-one-get-one deal
  • Explain when they could receive it if they order now, etc.
  • Remind them in further email communication why now is the right time to buy.

Sales Objection 10 – Fear of loss

Customer has bought products like yours in the past, but they always disappoint. They ask “why is yours different?”

How to Handle Objection:

  • Speak to that fear. Say “have you bought frying pans in the past that only last one year. Ours is different!” Then list all the benefits of your product
  • Have a conversation with the customer through your copy, and they ‘ll understand that you know their thought process.

Overcoming sales objections may be daunting, but with the right copy, care and understanding, you will become a closing sales champion. Handling objections is all in a days work for an online business. The beautiful thing about online is that you can remind these visitors about your business via retargeting or email campaign.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome your sales objections online.

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