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How to Use LinkedIn for Business: 8 Tips to Help You Master Social Selling

Did you know that 80 percent of financial advisors are finding new clients through social media? It’s a brilliant way to pick up new clients. In this day and age, if you aren’t using social media to pick up clients, you’re marketing wrong.

If you aren’t making any money off of social media, you’re probably thinking you’re posting wrong. Keep in mind, your content is just the base of your social media marketing efforts.

You can’t solely focus on your base, you have to build up from there.

To effectively market on social media, you absolutely must have a good strategy in place. LinkedIn is one of the best sites for financial advisors to gain new clients, especially when it is used strategically.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies on how to use LinkedIn for business.

1. Slideshare

how to use linkedin for business

Slideshare, a presentation platform on LinkedIn, is an excellent way to share your presentations. By doing this, you are educating all potential clients on your financial strategies.

This allows for a client to see exactly the kind of work you do.

Our favorite aspect of Slideshare is how SEO-friendly the platform is. Slideshares rank very well on search engines, meaning you have a better chance of potential clients actually seeing your content.

2. Groups

how to market on linkedin

Be mindful of your connections and any digital groups or additional LinkedIn networks they follow. Generally, where they go, other like-minded professionals go.

Try to align your preferences with theirs to better understand how they think, and what they consider essential news and trends. Join the same groups. Follow the same companies.

The better you know your prospects professional preferences, the easier it will be for you to connect with them on a LinkedIn level.

In each group, you and the other members will discuss business-related topics. LinkedIn has over two million different groups, and you can join up to 50 of them.

If there’s a group you want that doesn’t exist, you’re allowed to create up to 30 groups.

LinkedIn Groups makes it easy to network with others without having to do the whole sales-pitch routine.

3. A Publishing Platform

promoting your business on linkedin

Linkedln’s publishing platform is a space for you to connect with potential and current clients. If you already run a blog, this platform can be even more useful for you.

Each time you create new content for your blog, post a sample of it onto the publishing platform and link that back to your blog. You will be increasing your blog’s traffic while networking with more professionals in your industry.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin for business tips

LinkedIn Sales Navigator takes LinkedIn’s network and suggests leads fitting certain criteria, such as location and industry. These leads can link you with the most important people in your industry.

The sales navigator allows small businesses to reach into the benefits of digital commerce. This is achieved through extensive analysis of daily habits.

5. Advanced Search

linkedin advanced search

If you’re using LinkedIn, you’re probably already connected to people on there. Of course, the more people you’re connected to, the more networking you could do.

To connect with even more people, you should utilize Linkedln’s advanced search function. This function will allow you to target specific industries, companies, and more.

Advanced search can be especially useful for advisors in a specific niche, as it allows you to pinpoint a certain audience.

6. ‘ABC’ on LinkedIn — Always Be Connecting

why use linkedin

In the digital marketing space, how does a financial advisor find the sweet spot?

Is there an ideal platform that offers a perfect balance of professional environment in which to engage other professionals and Facebook-like messaging capabilities for conversation?

If only there were a digital platform to get in front of professionals, C.F.O.s, and savvy financial investors. Oh wait, there is! How well are you tapping into LinkedIn to secure new clients?

With LinkedIn, you can connect with all the right people by building your circles through second and third generation connections.

Ask business associates for introductions to top prospects and endorsements. Use the advanced search options for new connections by position title. Look for C.E.O.s, C.F.O.s and business owners.

Human Resources connections can be great resources as well and can be a referral source for employees nearing retirement. Make your effort continuous and set goals to build your audience ongoing.

7. Writing Posts and Articles

how to use linkedin for business

You are a professional and no doubt a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Use LinkedIn as a platform to showcase that knowledge. Generate frequent posts and short articles about investment trends and retirement planning.

Brand yourself as the expert beyond your circle of connections and build trust with sound advice. Use your posts to prompt feedback and generate curiosity.

Follow up with each ‘like and comment with a message, thanking your connection for his or her input. Use this social media engagement to build relationships with your potential prospects.

8. Don’t Forget Your Firm’s Company Profile

Linkedin Company Profile

While you’re maximizing your networking efforts through your page, remember to determine a strategy for your firm’s business profile. The business profile should be concise and professional.

Consider this as an extension of your website, only with a more captivated audience. The company profile is where you offer services, unique differences of your services and ask for the business.

Use your logo and share your website logs. Set a schedule to update your firm’s profile with industry news, company achievements and charitable contributions. LinkedIn is today’s digital, professional networking platform.

Having a profile there for yourself and a business page for your firm is good, but not enough. Dive in and do some searching. Find and make new connections.

Open dialogue and ask for introductions. Use your knowledge and expertise to create a networking brand for yourself as an expert investor.

This is How to Use LinkedIn For Business

By utilizing the above tools, you are optimizing your LinkedIn potential and increasing your networking capabilities. Your marketing will become more efficient when you fully utilize LinkedIn.

Every financial advisor should use these tools and platforms to gain new clients. To learn more about how to use LinkedIn for business, contact us.

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