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Instigate an email subscriber riot with these 10 opt-in ideas

Opt in offer ideas

Are you struggling to build your client list?

By thinking outside the “opt-in box,”

you can create a free offer that your audience won’t be able to resist.

It goes without saying that, if you’re in business, the goal of your website is to get your audience to buy your products and services. But if they don’t give you their money right away, what’s the next best thing?

Don’t let them leave your website without first getting their email address

These days, every website has an opt-in box located somewhere on its page.Unfortunately, most of these pages urge the viewer to “sign up for my newsletter” or “sign up and we’ll send you the latest news via email.” Who wakes up in the morning dying to sign up for yet another newsletter?

Your opt-in offer has to do better than that. When it comes to their personal email addresses, people are more guarded than ever. Your offer has to be tantalizing and worthy enough for the website visitor to lay their guard down and offer their private information.Simply put, your free product should be as valuable as an item for sale.

This is how seismic transformations in your business starts – by offering a mouthwateringly irresistible opt-in offer and growing your client list. No list and you’ve got no one to talk to. No list and you’ve got no one to do business with.

So are you still relying on a newsletter as your free opt-in offer? The best business ownersthink outside the opt-in offer box. Check out these 10 ideas that will have your website visitors eating out of your hand:

1. Offer a white paper.

People love a good “how to” essay that exposes and solves a problem. Think about your industry and your audience. What pain or predicament do you frequently hear from your customers? Make sure to keep this offer exclusive, emphasizing that it’s only available to those who sign up on your opt-in page.As long as it’s something that your visitors can’t find anywhere else on your site, you can expect to see a sizeable amount of opt-ins.

2. Video training or a series of videos.

Offer a training video or video series. Use scheduled emails to create anticipation in advance of sending out each video in the sequence. Scheduled auto-responders, sent at regular intervals,allow you stay in touch with your audience and expose them to your business and offer, without being overly obnoxious or intrusive (after all, they signed up for it!).

3. E-book.

In advance of a formal book launch, tease your audience with a sneak peak. Allow your opt-in audience to download one or two chapters.This strategy will help build interest for your book well in advance of its release date.

4. Audio.

Put a teaser of your podcast, comedy routine, new song or training on your homepage. If website visitorslike what they hear and want more, they will have to enter their email address.

5. Members-only discounts.

Who doesn’t love to save money? Push the exclusivity envelope, emphasizing that only members who sign up will receive your exclusive deals and that they can’t get these deals anywhere else.

6. Daily/weekly contests and drawings.

Some examples include: a contest to win a product sample or coupon for a discount off one of your products. Do NOT give away the main product you sell. The goal with a contest or drawing is to get them to come back and make an actual purchase.

7. Helpful “Download-ables.”

Think about all the ways you can make your customers’ lives easier. Templates, cheat sheets, shopping lists, tip sheets, cool infographics, how-to guides, financial worksheets and checklists are just some of the types of free downloads that people love to get their hands on.

8. Members-only discussion boards.

Create a private, secure members-only forumor discussion board for like-minded people to meet and discuss their interests, ask a question and receive help. For people in niche marketswho are looking for advice and support from other professionals in their industry, this tactic is a big winner. Aside from attracting opt-ins, you’ll have a golden opportunity to learn more about your customers through the comments they post and questions they ask.

9. 30-day challenge or accountability group.

There’s strength in numbers. That’s why people flock to online accountability groups. If you have a fitness and nutrition business, why not invite website visitors to an online group made up of people trying to lose weight and get healthy? Or, take your niche market and wrap a 30-day challenge around it. For example, if you’re a communications expert, lead a month-long challenge on how to overcome public speaking fears, providing daily guidance and tips to your audience.

10. Free consultation.

For service-based organizations, offer your new opt-in subscribersa free 15-minute phone consultation. Besides attracting opt-ins, this practice will allow you to “audit” new prospects to determine if you want to work with them and if they are a good fit for your business.

So you have a smoking hot opt-in offer. What’s next?

Opt in offer

Now that you have people chomping at the bit for your opt-in offer, what comes next? Here’s where you want to rely on a carefully crafted auto-responder series to fortify the relationship with your new subscriber.Follow these four steps:

  • Send a confirmation email. This email confirms that the email subscriber is receiving what you promised to give them. It should include a greeting, brief confirmation and the link to your valuable offer.
  • Send a follow-up email. Invite them to your Facebook page. Ask them how the free item is working out for them and request that they post their comments on Facebook or send you a private message with their thoughts.
  • Send a second follow-up email. Send this email two to three days after the previous follow-up email. Facilitate their learning or help them further by pointing out other resources on your blog or social media site. Keep nurturing the relationship with valuable information.
  • Send a final follow-up email. Send this email two to three days after the previous follow-up email. Provide your reader with specific next steps. Point them to the next training module on your website. Or, if you provided them with a free book chapter as your opt-in offer, show them where they can buy the complete e-book.

By now, you will have secured their interest in your blog or Facebook page. Let those platforms continue to nurture the relationship for you. The way to do that is by providing A+ content on a regular basis. They’ll be hooked and want to keep coming back for more.

Knowing how to build your client list will explode your business

Build your client list

Your ability to continuously build your client list determines a big chunk of your long-term results. A powerful opt-in offer could make all the difference between realizing just a trickle of new subscribers or a tsunami-like surge . No joke. No hype.

Whatever you do, don’t ruin your credibility with a junk offer. Don’t drop the ball on this. Your audience will remember it and never give you their attention ever again, let alone buy anything from you.

Are you struggling to build your client list? Are you sick and tired of racking your brain for the next great opt-in offer? Maybe you need help with your auto-responders? If the answer is “yes,” our team at Northlake Digital can turn your struggles into staggering success. Here’s just a partial list of what we bring to the table. We will:

Use our tools to create an ideal offer that makes sense for your business and niche

  • Build your offer and manage the project to completion
  • Create a heart-stopping headline for your offer
  • Create an auto-responder series your audience will devour
  • Place your opt-in offer on the most prominent place on your website
  • Measure and report on new opt-ins

For consistent referrals, repeat business and unshakeable customer loyalty, you need to get your client list to 4, 5 and 6 digits – and get there fast. Our opt-in marketing methods can take you there.

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