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Low Cost SEO Tips to Help Grow Your Business in 2018

SEO — the maker or breaker of businesses in 2018.

Truth is, you wish you could understand exactly how SEO works and how to use it to your advantage. But if you want to increase web traffic and grow your business, you need low-cost, simple ways to utilize SEO for your benefit.

Here are some low-cost SEO tips that can help you increase your customer volume.

Add Keywords to Your Content

You should be constantly putting out content, whether it’s social media posts, blog articles, testimonials, or something else.

These pieces of content should have keywords placed strategically throughout the copy. This enhances the content and gets people interested in what you’re saying. Specifically, use local keywords to draw in people from around your area.

This is especially important if you’re an industrial machine shop or an addiction psychiatrist. Your business revolves around local clients or other businesses near you.

This is low-cost SEO at its finest. Have someone in your office do a quick Google keyword search for your industry. Then keep an updated list of successful keywords to give your content manager.

Speak of which…

Outsource Your SEO

Hire somebody whose main job is online marketing. This will involve creating mobile and web content, and that means SEO needs to come second-nature to this employee.

If you don’t have the budget to hire someone for this task, ask if someone already in the office – a manager or an assistant – if they’ll do it for a slight pay increase. This lets you avoid hiring another person and gives a current employee the chance to provide even more value.

Research Your Customers

Consumer research is incredibly important, not just for SEO but for your entire marketing strategy. It tells you where your audience is online, where they are in geographical terms, how they enjoy their content, and what SEO works best for this particular group.

Getting a customer research report is really cost-effective, especially if you consider the long-term value it’ll provide for your business marketing. When you find out the location of your ideal client, what media platforms they’re on, and what they want out of a professional relationship, you have limitless SEO keywords at your disposal.

  • If your customers are in Austin, Texas, then “Austin (service)” is an SEO keyword.
  • Your B2B industrial machine company has potential clientele on Facebook; use Facebook copy tactics with words like “industrial machine” and “local business.”
  • Your report finds that customers want excellent customer service; use SEO like “caring hospitals” or “machine customer support” to rope in new clients.

The Ultimate Low-Cost SEO: Professional SEO Services

Despite what you may think, outsourcing SEO services fully is an extremely affordable option.

Using professional services for low-cost SEO works because it cuts out the time it takes to train an employee in SEO knowledge. It also gives you a win-win scenario; the SEO service company wants to succeed, so they want you to succeed. Lastly, they know the pulse of the SEO industry – market trends, fresh keyword research, extensive experience in multiple industries.

This might prove to be a decent up-front cost, but the benefits blow that out of the water.

If you’re looking for a professional, caring (see what we did there?) SEO service team, please contact North Lake Digital today.

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