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How to Maintain Integrity and Ethics in Marketing

Every business has a certain standard of ethics to uphold.

This includes the basics, like respect and customer service. These create the foundation for how you approach everything you do.

But, too many companies think of what they do as the product or service they offer. They fail to see how their marketing has to be in line with certain values, too.

Here’s why you should guide your marketing efforts with integrity and other ethics in marketing to use throughout the creative process.

The Value of Integrity

Integrity is the concept of moral uprightness.

It means you value doing things the right way. From an individual or corporate standpoint, integrity can have a large effect on your reputation.

Unfortunately, not all companies have a respect for this quality. They aren’t afraid to cut corners in their research, distribution, or marketing process.

This can lead to more than lower customer satisfaction. It can possibly put customers in harm’s way, or make them go against their values unknowingly.

As such, you should be sure to be as morally correct in all the marketing you do. Below are a few more values to keep in mind to help you maintain this.

Other Ethics in Marketing to Uphold

It’s one thing to know you should have morals. It’s another to know which morals apply the most to marketing.

Here are a few ethics in marketing to always use.


Transparency doesn’t mean spilling all your industry secrets.

But, it does mean being upfront with your audience.

This shows in everything from pricing and packaging to how you handle recalls.

Sometimes transparency is about being honest from the start. Other times, it’s about being as open as possible about a mistake you made and the efforts your company is doing to handle the situation.


A big part of marketing is creating a sense of brand loyalty in consumers.

This is easiest to do when they feel loyalty coming from you. Consumers want to feel heard.

They want to know their opinions matter and that you are making changes to products with them in mind. Not based on internal research, but thanks to user feedback.

Social Responsibility

Understanding how you communicate with consumers is just one part of the role your company plays in the rest of the world.

Users love a sense of social responsibility. Whether it be for the earth, animals, or social justice, showing a little initiative can go a long way.

But, it has to be genuine.

Don’t incorporate a sense of responsibility unless you have a plan for how to follow-through. Think of starting a campaign to raise funds or awareness. Maybe use your marketing exposure to get users activated to make a change.

Either way, be sure your stance is strong and true.

Users will appreciate that much more than just an attempt to get their attention with a cause you don’t really care for.

Get Your Message Right

Not sure how to make the above values come across?

Don’t worry, that’s what the professionals are for.

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