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Marketing for Used Car Dealerships: 5 Local SEO Tools You Need

Have you been trying to market your used car dealership without any luck? Then you might be doing your local SEO wrong.

Local SEO will allow you to drive more local business to your site and lead to more customers.

If you want to learn how to you can improve your local SEO strategy, read on for marketing for used car dealerships tools.

1. Google My Business

If you’re trying to attract local traffic to your used car dealership, start by updating your Google My Business.

With a well maintained Google My Business account, when customers search for used car dealerships in their area, your customers will see yours.

You have to make sure your Google profile is updated with accurate information. The last thing you want is for your customers to call and the phone number is not accurate.

An updated Google My Business will also give you a higher ranking in the search results.

2. Rank Ranger

In order to have local SEO down, you need a tool that will break down what you’re doing right and what you need to improve on.

Rank Ranger is a tool that does it for you. It analyses your keyword rankings and shows you a map of your local ranking results.

Once you know the rankings, you will be able to adjust your local SEO strategy.

3. Google Analytics

You can’t improve your local SEO rankings without the help of Google Analytics. The best part is this tool is free.

When you try a new local SEO marketing strategy, you’ll be able to track it on Google Analytics. It shows you how many people visited your site, how long they stayed, and the location.

With this information at your disposal, you’ll be able to see which campaigns are more successful.

4. Screaming Frog

Of course, you can’t know which strategies work and which don’t without running a full website audit.

And Screaming Frog is a tool you can use to perform a full audit on your website. Screaming Frog uses crawlers to analyze your site and provide results in real time.

For example, if your used car dealership website has a broken link, Screaming Frog will be able to catch it. Broken links are frustrating to visitors and can cause them to leave your website.

5. Moz Local Tool

Another great tool that will help you perform audits on your website is Moz Local.

Moz Local allows you to work on your map citations. An example of a map citation is your business’ NAP, which stands for name, address, and phone number.

Your NAP needs to be accurate across multiple channels such as Yelp, Facebook ads, Bing, Google, and other search engines.

Moz local makes sure your car dealership’s NAP is accurate across all platforms.

Marketing For Used Car Dealerships: The Bottom Line

With these marketing tools for used car dealerships, you’ll be able to control your local SEO results.

Once you get the hang of it, you will see a spike in traffic to your site.

To learn about how to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your site, check out this article.

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