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Online Marketing Methods that Close the Deal

Are direct sales marketing becoming a remnant of the past?

New online marketing techniques are becoming the primary marketing method for closing sales.

Online marketing may appear daunting at first. Since it’s evolving so rapidly, it’s becoming easier to set up a great online marketing sales strategy. Today we are going to discuss how to use online marketing methods to close the deal before your customer even speaks to a sales representative.


Be a Futurist

Before we get to the core of how to close the sale, I cannot stress the importance of looking at the future of where your customers’ needs are going.

As a leader of your company, being a futurist is vital because if your online marketing platform uses antiquated sales techniques, your product or service won’t resonate with your target audience. This can reduce your sales volume substantially. Getting to the why your customers are buying your products and services will help you predict the future of your industry.

Take a second and look at what’s trending right now. Tools like Google Trends and Google’s Keyword Planner can help you look into the future of your industry demand.

  • Why are technologies are being used?

  • How social media platforms are getting the most web traffic?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Where are they going to begin the buying process?

Utilizing tactics like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to stimulate your web traffic is essential no matter what your company’s sales tactics are. SEO gives you perspective on how your audience is researching to find solutions to their challenges.

Choosing the appropriate social media channel to understand your target audience can make or break your entire online marketing model. Make sure your chosen social media are best in understanding where your customers are discussing their problems and seeking advice. The devil is in the details when it comes to being a futurist.

For a brief overview of how being a futurist is important in the art of closing the deal, check the list below.

  • Keeping your company’s online marketing techniques future focused is vital for positioning your company as an industry leader

  • Know why and how your customers are beginning your buying process

  • Utilize SEO to give you a competitive advantage of being visible when your target audience is seeking your solution

  • Focus on the right social media channel based on the future of your industry


How Viral is Your Video?

According to the latest polls, YouTube has over 1 billion users, 4 billion total views and 72% of millennials use YouTube A DAY! Billions!

I hope you’re not camera shy, the next item on our online marketing method for closing sales list is, you guessed it, making a viral video! It’s Show Time! When it comes to making a video, whether it answers your target audience questions matters most. Take time to understand the challenges prospects are having in order to incorporate solutions into your video.

Having the proper video recording equipment will ensure your video’s quality. But if you don’t answer the question your audience has, it will be a waste your time and money. If YouTube is your primary social media channel in your company’s online marketing platform, make sure you invest in good storytelling.

Preferably empowering your customers with needed resources to make a smart buying decision. Whether they use your company or not, the trusted brand presence will go a long way.

If you’re not tech savvy, hire a freelance video editor to produce your content and make it YouTube ready. If your budget is permits, hire a social media marketing team. They will have all the needed connections and resources in a one-stop shop. Your video might not get 3 million views, but with the right SEO and the right message, your video will connect with your targeted audience.

Some considerations to keep in mind while producing a video are making sure your video has a clear editorial message:

  • Be clear and informative

  • Wrap it up with a persuasive call to action after you outline how your solution can improve their lives

  • Optimize the content aspects of your video. Having meaningful guidance enhances the quality of your video

  • Optimize for SEO to make sure it’s found by your target audience

  • Having the proper video equipment is important but will not be the determining factor in the success of your video. Does it empower your customer?

If you have stage fright and pause whenever a camera is in your face, be sure to hire top of the line video editors, they can help you look like the next Brad Pitt with some editing magic. So, with all of this in mind, make an awesome video outlining who you are, what your company does and how your product will benefit them!!

Let’s recap on making your masterpiece in the list below.

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, it has BILLIONS of users daily, get out there and be heard.

  • Having the proper video recording setup can increase the quality of your video, get the proper gear for the job. If not, hire the best.

  • Hire a solid video editor who can produce a quality video for you.

  • Make sure your video is as valuable as possible with great messaging and have a clear call to action.

Target Marketing Image

Target Acquired

Targeted content, the secret to success when it comes to online marketing.

Having a clear picture of who your customers are is the root of online sales. Tailoring your online marketing to reflect a deep understanding of the wants and needs of your target audience will position your brand in a valuable light with them. Targeted content is your company’s persona. Design it to get the best response.

This method will create an influx of fresh, new leads. Customers will approach you with intent of getting help with a challenge they are having. This increases the probability to close the deal when meeting with sales representative.

Creating effective target content is a science and an art. As I’ve previously stated, you will need to have an intimate understanding of your intended target audience. I cannot stress this enough. With a clear picture of your customer’s needs and what their preferred social media channels are, you’re able to determine appropriate engagement techniques with where they are in the buying process.

Customer Journey Image

Depending on where customers are at in the buying process, you may need various types of content. From raising awareness of your company to sending the message that you understand the problems they face. You have a solution. Providing the right information about your product to the targeted customer will provide them have a sense of confidence when it comes to buying your product.

Creating content that allows you to demonstrate your company’s expertise, knowledge and the quality of what you’re offering puts you a cut above your competition. Using Targeted content in your online marketing strategy is one of the closing techniques that can distinguish a very successful business from a very poor one. Check out the list below to recap how to achieve target lock.

  • Targeted content only works if you have an intimate understanding of your customers

  • Incorporating targeted content with the proper social media allows you to target your proper audience

  • Targeted content is who you are as a company

  • Your product should be tailored to solve the customer’s problem

  • Create content that shows you are superior to your competition


Mobile Marketing

What does almost every person with internet access own that their always on?

If you guessed smart phone, throw me a virtual high five. Global smartphone usage is around 2.1 Billion users and growing. That’s 2.1 BILLION. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on adding mobile marketing to your sales tactics. This will take your company to new heights. There are so many ways to use mobile platforms for marketing, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Not only can you incorporate it with EVERYTHING we have talked about already, there is an almost unlimited potential with going mobile.

Let’s start off with incorporating what we have already learned to using a mobile platform.

  • First, everything you do on social media will likely be viewed by someone using a smartphone

  • Your Viral Video will pop up in their feed for YouTube if they’re subscribed to your company’s YouTube page, creating potential for more lead generation every time it’s viewed and ideally, shared

  • Your SEO platform will translate to mobile search engines almost 19% more than on a computer

  • Tailor your Targeted Content to be mobile friendly, allowing customers to use their smartphone to search for and access your products or sales page

Now we can cover some fresh and new ideas for utilizing mobile platform to beef up your online marketing. Using platforms like TextMagic, allows your company to send out mass SMS messages to numbers saved in your company’s SMS distribution lists. Mass SMS distribution is an invaluable asset because this allows your company to send messages directly to your client’s smartphone, allowing you to engage in real time.

An ingenious way to utilize Mass SMS in your company’s social media platform is create promotional events to send out or have pre-written content ready to send out weekly. Make sure the content is clear, understanding of their needs, personalized and provides easy calls to action.

One of the most popular methods of marketing a product via smartphone is a mobile app. Since most smartphone operating system use apps and widgets to perform tasks, why not capitalize on it and have one designed for your company? You can create an app that provides a more intimate relationship with your target audience.

Based on your understanding of what challenges your audience has, creating a free mobile application that helps make their lives easier is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

mobile apps marketing image

Integrating an instant messaging service into the app can provide ease of contact and communication. Knowledge is power. In our case, even knowing how your audience views their phone is highly valuable. Knowing when your target audience is looking at their phone will allow you to customize your solutions to better meet their needs.

With your app, you can go as far is setting up the means for some eCommerce. Including buying with a click of a button based on the needs of the user is a great way to grow sales organically. This is a great time for being a business with emerging technologies that allow you to help make your target audience lives more convenient.

Data is the new currency. The time spent surviving on your customer’s phone as an app is becoming shorter. Providing a mobile app that has the potential for daily use is critical to not being cut. Don’t look at the app as push tactic for sales but more as a means of strengthening their lives. The trusted brand relationship is more valuable than the transactional relationship.

There are more amazing qualities with the mobile application platform that I didn’t bring up here but it’s definitely worth looking further into. Let’s sum up the beauty of using the smartphone platform as a sales technique and close the deal, check out the list below for a summary for going mobile.

  • 2.1 Billion people use smartphones daily

  • Your company can integrate other online marketing methods into mobile

  • SEO in smartphone search engine studies show users use their phones 19% more than a desktop

  • Using Mass SMS to advertise special promotions and featured products on a weekly basis

  • Create an app to streamline your relationships and open lines of communication

  • One touch buying in your app’s eCommerce section

  • Unlimited possibilities with a constantly evolving technology to understand your target audience

Pop Up Marketing Image

Pop Up Blocker is Not your Friend!

Take a look at the side of your computer screen, all of those ads are bought and paid for by company’s just like your own.

Every time you see an ad off in the corner of your screen or a pop up that you wait to skip, that company is potentially developing new leads, making sales and closing sales. Though it seems counterproductive, Pay Per Click advertising is a proven, classic and effective sales method.

By making a small investment into taking out an ad on social media or a webpage, your targeted content will effectively be reaching everyone in your targeted demographic. Beware of going too buck wild with your ads or it could come off as spam. Use a SEO platform to see who’s using what and take out ads on highly relevant sites, not just high traffic websites! Check out the list below to see the benefits of using pay per click advertising.

  • Your targeted content to take out ads on social media and websites your customers use

  • A small investment has the opportunity to yield large returns by generating targeted, new leads

So, as you can see, Internet Marketing is emerging as the dominant sales strategy and getting your products to your potential customers has never been easier. With some careful planning, you can develop an unstoppable online marketing platform to incorporate your company’s sales tactics into generating fresh leads, maximizing your profit margin more than ever.

Closing the deal hasn’t been this easy in the history sales. Having the capability to reach billions of customers globally is something the world has never seen and using these proven methods, I have no doubt that your company will flourish with the best of them.

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