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3 Ways Targeted Audience Pinterest Marketing Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic

By now you know how important social media is in your companies marketing efforts. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are valuable resources for creating awareness and driving engagement.

But did you know there’s one social media platform 93 percent of users use to plan their purchases? And 96 percent of those users engage this platform to get information about making a purchase. The conversion rate is high too. More than 4 in 5 users have actually decided on and made a purchase because of this social media platform.

So what is it? Pinterest.

If you’re not utilizing Pinterest in your business marketing model, you could be missing out. To help you learn more, we’re going to break down three ways targeted audience Pinterest marketing could boost your website traffic.

Let’s take a look.

SEO Optimization

More than just a social media network, Pinterest is search engine just like anything else. Because users are constantly searching for content in key areas, search engine optimization is key.

Of course, utilizing SEO tactics in your Pinterest marketing can help boost your web traffic too.

Whether you decide to use your brands targeted SEO keywords in Pinterest titles or in pinned posts, understanding the way users search on Pinterest can equal views and clicks for your content.

Targeting Locals

The engineers at Pinterest know how powerful their engine has become for small businesses looking to engage with new audiences.

To help you (and others like you) capitalize on Pinterest’s potential, Pinterest allows for targeted audience marketing. This means you can get very, very specific about who sees your paid for advertising.

If your business is local, reaching these targeted areas can help you maximize the money you spend on ads per click. If you only offer services or products in a certain city or state, users from other regions seeing your paid content can be a waste.

Thankfully those aren’t the only targeted tactics Pinterest empowers businesses with. You can also narrow down your market audience by their interests or age (or all three) to get very specific with your reach.

Rich Pins

Whether you’re targeting local customers or not, embedding rich pins into your Pinterest page can help drive traffic back to your site.

These pins typically offer more content or information than a standard Pinterest pin. This includes apps, recipes, products, or articles. These can help make shopping and decision making easier for would-be consumers.

An article rich pin might include the title and a brief description plus the author’s name. Recipes can show the exact ingredients needed before having to open the link. It’s easy to think of rich pins as a small advertisement for your website!

Giving users more information up front provides a better opportunity to entice them with more information later. If used correctly, this can mean more clicks and more traffic to your website!

Pinterest Marketing And More

At NorthLake Digital, our goal is to empower you and your business to success. Whether you need help with web design, SEO marketing, or your social media presence, we have the tools you need.

There’s more than one way to use technology to boost your brand — and we’ve got the solutions you’re looking for.

To start boosting your traffic organically now check out our plans today!

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