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How to Reach a Wider Audience With Addiction Treatment Marketing

Addiction treatment centers are a business. And like any business, you need a constant flow of revenue to stay afloat. In this industry, patients are your target audience, which means they should be your top focus in your advertising campaigns.

If you’re not currently marketing the addiction treatments you offer, then you risk losing potential patients to competitors. So the key is to create a solid addiction treatment marketing strategy, so that you can compete and help those in need.

Now, there are various ways you can market your addiction treatment center to prospects. In this guide, we will focus on the digital marketing methods you can use to easily grow your client base.

Let’s begin.

Boost the Visibility of Your Addiction Center with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be the best way to advertise your business. That’s because it offers long-term benefits.

Millions of people search on Google for addiction treatments, local addiction treatment centers and information on various addictions. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and draw in more patients.

The key to making SEO work for your clinic is to create content that your audience will find valuable. For instance, writing about alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction and any other addictions you offer treatments for.

When visitors come to your site to view your content, they will see you’re an expert and may browse through your services. The idea is to get them to contact your clinic for help.

You have to optimize your content with keywords your audience uses to search for addiction treatments. For instance, alcohol addiction treatment, treatment for cocaine addiction and so on.

Keyword planning tools, like Google Keyword Planner, are great for finding keywords and phrases that are popular in your industry. The idea is to search for keywords with low competition, but have a good number of searches each month.

It wouldn’t make sense to focus on a high-competition keyword because this will only make it harder to rank for it in Google. In fact, it could take many month or years.

By focusing on low-competition keywords, it will be easier to rank for them, and your audience will have an easier time finding your clinic on Google.

How to Add Keywords to Your Content

Once you’ve found the keywords you want to use, it’s time to start adding them in all of your web pages and content you create for your blog. You can use a content management system like WordPress for publishing your content to your blog.

As a rule of thumb, you want to have keywords in your title, subheadings and sprinkled throughout the page. This helps Google bots, which crawl your pages for relevance, to determine what your pages and content are about.

Then you will rank for the keywords you use. Over time, you will climb up in the search engine page results on Google and other search engines.

This takes time to see results, but if you remain consistent with your content publications and keyword placement, you will begin to see results (and higher traffic).

Just don’t overdo keyword usages, because it can backfire on your ranking. Try to stick to a keyword density that’s around 1% of your word count.

Draw in Locals Using Local SEO

Now, you want to take your keyword research a little further than just the basic “alcohol addiction treatments.” Since you have a physical location, it’s wise to use keywords that are local. This way, the people around you have an easier time finding your website on Google.

For example, you can use “alcohol addiction treatment in Seattle.” You want to choose all the towns and cities you want to attract patients from and include them in your key phrases.

The more specific your keywords, the easier it is to reach a specific audience.

But what if your addiction clinic caters to a national audience? Then your best bet is to use keywords for each major city in the country. This is where most people look, even if they live on the outskirts of the town.

You can use the same Google Keyword Planning tool to help you find local keywords to use.

Establish Your Brand On Social Media

Social media should definitely be a part of your addiction treatment marketing.

While you’re waiting to rank on Google for all the content you’re creating, you can further promote your posts on social media.

You should create social media profiles for your audience to follow. It’s important to be active on social media, so you can engage in addiction-related conversations and extend your knowledge.

The key here isn’t so much about promoting your services, but establishing yourself as an authority. You’re here to help others and it should show through the posts you make and conversations you join in.

Some addiction clinics go as far as to join or create groups, where people with addictions and their family members vent about their problems. It’s a great place to lend a helping hand.

When people see your social media page and comments, they will check out your profile and eventually come to your website. It’s an excellent way to earn more business without turning anyone off with constant addiction treatment marketing tactics.

Gain Quick Attention Using PPC Marketing

Another way to get traffic faster is to use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. What’s great about PPC ads is that you can create and have them up and running in less than an hour. So it provides traffic nearly instantly.

Since you already have your keyword list, all you have to do is use those in your ad text. For example, “Battling with alcohol addiction in Seattle? Click here for free advice!”

Then once users click on your ad, it should take them to a landing page that’s relevant to the ad. In this case, it would be a landing page about alcohol addiction.

On this page, you are selling your alcohol treatment service by honing in on the problems the user may be dealing with and the benefits of using your treatment.

In other words, you’re selling a better life, not your actual service. For instance, you’ll talk about the issues alcoholics have with life, work, family, relationships, and health. Then show how treatment can improve those areas.

Testimonials also add a great touch.

Visitors are more likely to convert once they see how the service can help them. So don’t rave about your awards, facility amenities and other things that don’t really matter to addicts.

You can place your ads on social media websites, as well as search engines like Google.

Keep in mind that PPC campaigns are very flexible and affordable. You can set up budgets for the day, so it never goes over what you can handle financially.

On Facebook, you can target users based on the types of things they like, time of day they use the internet and occupation. So you can really get creative with your addiction treatment marketing using social media ads.

Reach Out to Your Audience Using Email Marketing

Now, this is pivotal to the success of your addiction treatment marketing. If you’re not already collecting emails from your website visitors, then you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with them.

Email marketing gives you direct access to individuals who’ve already expressed interest in your addiction clinic. This may be folks who are currently struggling with addiction or whose family members are struggling.

The key here is to touch base with the subscribers right away and as time goes on. The goal is to continue reaching out until they convert or unsubscribe.

You can add a subscription box to your website using WordPress plugins. One way to entice users to join is to offer something for free, such as a short guide or e-book about addiction.

Get Professional Help with Your Addiction Treatment Marketing

Marketing your addiction treatment services is essential if you want to continue driving patients to your clinic. Your role is to help addicts and their families overcome the trials and tribulations of addiction.

With online marketing, you can extend your expertise through content marketing. This can be in the form of blogs, videos, and e-books.

Whatever methods you decide to use in your addiction treatment marketing, it helps to have a professional touch.

At Northlake Digital, we have marketing experts who can assist with your addiction treatment marketing using SEO, social media management, and web design. With us, you can get a complete marketing package for your campaigns.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and to receive a quote.

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