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What Is Industrial Marketing? (And How It Works)

Are you looking to drive more sales? Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or manufacturing industry, your company can benefit from strategic industrial marketing strategies.

But what is industrial marketing? What do you really need to know about it? Where should you put your efforts?

Keep reading to learn what industrial marketing is and how it can help you increase your sales.

What is Industrial Marketing?

Industrial marketing, or business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a form of sales and communication in which businesses provide products and services to other businesses instead of individual customers.

The process can be more complex than selling to a private customer. B2B sales include larger orders and, often times, more people are involved.

You are selling to an entire business versus a single customer. It can be a longer process from the initial sales pitch to the close. Manufacturing, purchasing, shipping – several factors are included in the buying process.

Industrial Marketing is Different than Consumer Marketing

Because the buying process of B2B sales is so different than that of customers, it follows that the marketing approach should differ as well. Industrial buyers are looking for something very specific. The marketing approach needs to be more targeted to the specific niche.

Successful industrial marketing generates awareness for your company among a specific audience and converts them to long-term buyers.

Who Uses Industrial Marketing?

Now that you’re no longer asking what is industrial marketing, you may be wondering who uses it. Many companies sell products that are more beneficial to other businesses rather than an individual customer.

Those companies often include manufacturers, industrial service providers, and distributors. Industries often include healthcare (both medical and dental), auto, industrial machinery, and manufacturing.

Industrial marketing is crucial to getting more sales, but companies need to understand the buying process in order to convert more leads.

How Does Industrial Marketing Work?

It’s important to understand how the buyer’s mindset works during the buying process. Here are a few steps to make industrial marketing work for you.

1. Identify the customer

First, you need to understand the target audience for your marketing. What kind of business can benefit from your product? Without knowing who your customer is, you can’t have a successful marketing plan.

2. Improve your online presence

No matter your view on social media, a business in today’s society must have a strong online presence to close more customers. Potential clients will want to research your company before making a decision.

Make sure your website and social sites are up to date. They should be easy to find in the search engines.

3. Nurture relationships

Keep the communication going either through phone, email or in person. Take opportunities to instill a strong impression before meeting with them again.

It’s important to understand how industrial marketing works in order to turn your prospects into customers. No matter how hard you try, industrial professionals can’t be everywhere at once. Consider sticking to your strengths in the business, and leave the marketing to us.

From SEO to social media marketing and advertising, let us help you raise awareness around your business and make more sales. Request a quote today!

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