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5 Ways to Use SEO Rather Than Adwords

If you have a website you need a way to attract traffic to it. What’s the best way to do that?

While that point can be debated for days, it’s clear that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective. Adwords can be a good option too, though. So how do you know which to use?

When it comes to SEO vs. Adwords, the best option for you depends on your needs and goals. But really, SEO is great for just about anyone.

Want to see what all the hype’s about? Here are five ways to use SEO instead of Adwords.

1. Learn the Art of Keywords

When using Adwords, you’re paying for ads that will be placed where people will see them. Each time your ad is clicked, you’re charged by Google.

The better you treatment you want (i.e. better keywords and ad placement), the more you’ll have to pay per click.

With SEO, you get organic traffic instead. You bring people to your website by using keywords, not by paying for ads.

This means you have to be strategic. You can’t expect to be at the top of Google’s rankings if you just choose your own keywords.

Instead, you’ll have to do some research. You’ll need to find which words and phrases are hot. Then, you’ll have to find ways to implement them on your site.

This is an on-going thing. It takes me involvement on your part than paying for an ad, but it can really bring some great traffic because you’re targeting what people are looking for.

2. Write Blog Posts

Blog posts are great for implementing keywords on your site. That doesn’t mean you should stuff them full of those keywords, though. This will actually hurt your Google rankings.

Instead, use keywords strategically. Placing them in headings, introductions, and conclusions are good rules of thumb. You can use them in the body, too, but don’t overdo it.

Use your exact keyword or phrase in a few places within your post. Improve your chance of drawing in readers by using similar terms in the post as well. Consider the different ways someone may search for a keyword, then go from there.

3. One-Up the Competition

Adwords is a popular method of using PPC marketing. There’s plenty of ads to go around, but they’re only temporary.

Using SEO on your site provides traffic-luring machines (i.e. keywords) that continue to work for as long as your site is up and running. 

To really make the most of keywords, though, you’ve got to research your competition. Find out what keywords are working well for others and gain insights into what could work for you.

If someone already has a monopoly on “quick dinner ideas,” you may not want to aim for that keyword. Instead, use similar keywords that’ll help you rank higher so you can beat out your competition.

If you try to use the same keywords that your competitors are already ranked for, their site will likely show up before yours. So do your research to find out what you should and shouldn’t use.

4. Produce Content Often

Regularly producing content for your site is a great way to bring in more traffic. The more topics you cover, the more people you’re likely to attract. 

More content means more of the keywords and information that people are looking for. While you can change your ads to make sure they match current trends, producing web content may be better.

Published content can be revisited. An ad doesn’t have that same kind of power. Sure, someone can click an ad over and over again, but it won’t provide them with much information.

By regularly producing content you provide new information for your readers to discover. Your older content stays there too, so if someone loves an article they can revisit it whenever they need or want to.

5. Interact with Other Site Owners

When you use ads to get traffic to your site, it doesn’t require any action on your part. While this may be convenient, that also helps you be a bit aloof. 

To really be involved with your site and with others, SEO is the way to go. To really maximize SEO, you need to interact with other sites.

You do this by linking. As you link to other sites and discover who has linked to you, you’re able to build relationships online. These relationships look great to Google and customers.

Not only that, getting to know other sites will help you help your customers. Someone may ask a question that’s covered by a great post on another (non-competitor) site. You can direct them there, which your reader will appreciate.

The abler you are to help your readers, the more they’ll appreciate you and come back.

SEO isn’t all about your site. It’s about how keeping up with other sites, competitor and non-competitor alike.

SEO vs. Adwords: The Choice Is up to You

Ultimately, the SEO vs. Adwords decision is up to you. Both have their benefits, which is why they’re used a lot.

There are many benefits to SEO over Adwords, though. The first of which is organic traffic, not only now, but also in the future.

SEO marketing tactics help you create a great site that people want to visit over and over again. They also help you learn about your competitors and other websites. Try this method of marketing today to see how it works for you.

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