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Boost Your Business Using LinkedIn

What has happened in the world of networking?

LinkedIn was known as just another tool to be used in order to keep up a working online presence. However, no more as business owners and entrepreneurs are realizing the potential it holds!

Using LinkedIn has revolutionized the way businesses generate leads and enriched interacting with clients. Up until now this social platform has been underrated. Yet, the few businesses that truly took the time to learn all aspects of LinkedIn has exceeded all their marketing goals.

You can also become part of this revolutionary platform and increase your online presence. You will have access to extraordinary insights, news, people, jobs and updates within all fields. Open your profile today and use these strategies, tricks, and tips to generate a solid client base by connecting to the world.

Start marketing with LinkedIn

For a successful business experience using LinkedIn, you must understand the workings of this platform. You must become a member and set-up your profile, they do have a place for businesses under the LinkedIn Business Resources Page . Once you have set-up your personal page and business page, you can start reaching out. First you may want to connect to friends and family, co-workers or associates.

Once you have some basic connections, you are ready to build your online presence. You can do this by adding details on your strongest selling point, the ideal clients you can assist and also some information on why clients should work with you. What do you have to offer them!

It is good to add as much relevant information as you can to your profile. Convey specific experiences to your industry you may have, as well as career practices that will show your capabilities. Also, ensure all your contact details, such as website, telephone, email and more is up-to-date and clearly visible.

Once this is added, you have now created a picture of what you do and who you are. When adding your profile picture, it aids to spend some money and have a professional photo taken. Your images added to your LinkedIn profile will be one of the first things clients look at. Therefore, it has to be a friendly, open and professional one. Now you are free to start tweaking your business profile.

Gain leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a variety of functions for you to use in your search for leads and growing a strong online business. You can use the search box found on the top of their website to search for prospective leads. Once you start your search process, you can also define your search by using the advanced search option. With this, you are able to select locations, companies, relationships and more.

LinkedIn also provides you with Advertising Opportunities and a Sales Navigator . Publishing articles on LinkedIn also allow client reading you posts to connect with you directly, share or comment on your posts. Therefore, soon your posts could become viral. The more people who follow you, the bigger your network grows, the more potential leads you will generate. If these posts or articles you upload are truly good, LinkedIn may even use it on their homepage.

Identify and connect with LinkedIn

Clearly search for your target market. Look at industry-specific searches with both the quick search and advanced search functions. Define gender, company size, role, profession and more to find your ideal target market. When you find those suitable to your search, start with your list of likely clients. Once you have made a list have a look at each profile. You need connections that will on the end be worth it, thus, you have to be selective. Find the candidates from you list who have the following:

  • A profile that is more than 50% completed
  • More than 100 connection
  • Displays a decent photo on their profile.

These three steps can save you a lot of time that may have been wasted. Don’t simply discard the rest, keep them as a second list but start with the ones that have the most potential.

Once you have made a list of your possible leads, you can start the connection process by determining which groups they are a part of. Becoming an active group member is a valuable way to network with your prospect base. Think help first. You will generate more relationships with helpful insights versus hard selling. By first listening to the conversations that are happening you’re able to understand the energy of the group. I’d start by liking conversations or posts that you genuinely like. As you find topics that are relevant to your background, share your expertise. Not as a sales pitch, but as a way to make the group more valuable for your potential customers.

Passive and aggressive LinkedIn marketing

Now that your invitations have been sent there is two likely outcomes. Some of these may reach out and start a conversation wanting to know more about you. Others may lay dormant and wait for you to take the next step by sending them more information. You need to decide before hand your method of follow-up. Always keep in mind, you do not want the leads to go cold. Therefore, follow-up is important and you need to stay in contact regularly. But will you be passive or aggressive?

If you decide to take a passive approach, you will build-up your profile, post regularly and build your connections. Every month you may also send out communications to potential leads, informing them of any developments, products, and interesting facts about you. You will be allowing them to reach out when they are ready and in time this method will pay off.

If you decide to try the aggressive approach, you will have to be a lot more active. You will be reaching out on a daily basis and have regular updates posted to your profile daily. You will have to join some of the active groups on LinkedIn. Become part of the discussions and establish yourself as an expert within your field. You may also consider the LinkedIn advertising platform and upgrading of your profile.

LinkedIn tools and strategies

LinkedIn has a variety of tools for every person and business. With these, you can target specific groups, have better control of your account and get enhanced insight for better performance.

By using the information provided here, you are sure to gain a greater deal of clients. Adding LinkedIn to your marketing will only generate more business. Get started today as you have nothing to lose and relationships to gain!

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