5 Quick-Start Tips to Rock Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign

Why Facebook is a Small Business Owner’s Dream Writing ads for magazines, radio, TV and direct mail campaigns can be painful, not to mention extremely risky. The process is basically a one-shot deal, involving no rewrites or second chances. You write and design what you hope is a riveting, irresistible ad. Then, you send it […]

5 Reasons Bidding on Your Brand Name in AdWords Will Increase Your Bottom Line

Some companies see bidding on their brand name in AdWords as a waste of time. If your business organically comes up on top, why invest in PPC? Turns out, there are many reasons. Even gigantic brands like Sony, Adidas, Gucci, Facebook, and Porsche leverage this strategy to bring in more traffic, boost conversions, and ultimately […]

10 Easy Steps to SEO Nirvana

Today we’re talking search engine optimization . But not just old school “let’s optimize our website for keywords” SEO (the days of keyword stuffing are o-v-e-r). Meta keywords used to be what all the cool kids relied on for greater search engine rankings. Not anymore. Not in the NEW online economy. Visuals, social-sharing buttons, quality […]

The Future of SEO is Not Grim; it’s just Changed for the Better

The purpose of good search engine optimization (SEO) is to attract people to your company’s website while the intent to buy is there, which is why it’s one of the most important marketing strategies for B2B. If SEO isn’t a major component of your marketing strategy, then you’re missing out. However, if your business has […]

Boost Growing Your Business with SEO Using These Tips

So, what is SEO really? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is an increasingly effective and efficient way of ensuring that your website ends up coming at the top of Google’s search engine ranking. As a startup or a small business, if you have a website and you want to expand your business using […]

Staying On Top – How Digital Marketing Has Changed The Automotive Industry

There is no question that the automotive industry has vested serious interest in out of the box digital marketing strategies and tactics. The proof lies in the significant boost in sales in recent years. Expensive or high involvement purchases, like buying a car more or less require a varying degree of research in comparison to […]

The Perfect Roadmap to Highly Efficient SEO Strategies

With the first six months of the new years gone, there is still time for you implement some of the best SEO strategies that I am about to give you. Here is the crux of all important SEO strategies that are being implemented throughout the world of Search Engine Optimization. A Guide for Laying SEO […]

Your Guide to Profitable Pinterest Marketing, Part I:

Using Rich Pins to Improve Social Media Conversions and Generate more Sales Note: This is Part 1 of my two-part guide to content-rich Pinterest marketing. For the second post, containing more actionable strategies and best practices, click here . Clients often ask me about using Pinterest for ecommerce. Namely, they want to know if it’s […]

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips

Optimizing your email marketing can be especially tricky for ecommerce businesses. Here are 4 tips you can use to start improving your email results right away. You know email marketing is powerful. But are you maximizing its potential to convert more customers, sell more products, and create repeat business? In my experience, there’s always room […]