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The Perfect Roadmap to Highly Efficient SEO Strategies

With the first six months of the new years gone, there is still time for you implement some of the best SEO strategies that I am about to give you. Here is the crux of all important SEO strategies that are being implemented throughout the world of Search Engine Optimization.

A Guide for Laying SEO Fundamentals for Regular Websites
Before you Create Links

Here is what you should do before jumping right into link building:

  • Complete AnalysisSEO
    If you see that you site has plummeted in the past, evaluate whether or not you have been hit with different penalties. You can do that through access Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. There are specific penalties that are bit of a nuisance to recover from irrespective of what you do. NEVER waste time trying to reconcile a dying website because if you have been hit with serious penalties you will never be able to revive the site.
  • Excessive Research for Finding Relevant KeywordsAlways begin with an exclusive and unique keyword strategy and research because this is by the most fundamental element of the entire exercise. Try this to harvest really efficient and effective keyword strategies.
  • Enhance your On-Site Optimization EffortsSEO
    Never indulge in over optimization and settle for always the most unique of keywords and avoid penalties by developing a topnotch on-page Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Steer Clear of the Following 2 Website Perishing Mistakes

Ratio of Anchor Text

The most fundamental complication SEO professionals keep encountering is that they unintentionally begin to indulge over-optimizing the anchor text. It is important to understand that you need not focus your worries on anchor texts and apply thorough strategy on naked URLs as well as on different brand signals.

Harvest as a big number of natural URLs and utilize only those that match the anchor texts. Here are the numbers I am referring you should use:

Harvest as a big number of natural URLs and utilize only those that match the anchor texts. Here are the numbers I am referring you should use:

Remember, Google will never smear red over if you build a link system that is highly diversified.

Don’t Quit Early On

The second most worrisome concern is the fact that SEO professionals lose all hope when it comes to link building – early on in the game. Understand that Google will always take its sweet time to evaluate and analyze your website. Keep a margin of about 8 to 14 days – after which you will begin to see the benefits diverse and powerful link building, which will solely be based on bounce and click rates. This way your website will keep on moving up the ranks for several weeks and month – but the reverse of this is also true, it might not go anywhere.

And if your website’s ranking is indeed frozen in one place, instead of procrastinating and wondering why the world is against you, you need to keep in building a category of diversified links.

The Methodology Behind Link Building

Initiate the Campaign with Diversity or Branding

Since one of the two major issues in SEO is your website being hit with a penalty for over-optimization, it always wise to initiate your website with loads of branding or diversity. For example, in your URL only incorporate natural anchor text like http:// or you could just insert the name of your brand, making it the keyword eliminating exact matches or paid anchors.

You can go about doing this in two ways:

  • Building a Social ProfileCreating your profile pages on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus indicates that you are proper, legitimate brand with a decent following on social media. Have several pages created for your brands – and what this will do is give birth to multiple brand links, allowing you to incorporate diversified links. Refrain from using the same match anchors, just utilize the name of your brand as a keyword or use a naked URL.
  • Create Press ReleasesFor every site that you own and are developing, ensure that you get a proper press release made for every one of those websites. You can incorporate the use of naked links and URLs and no-follow each of those links. This will ultimately result in providing you with ample diversity from Google recognized and reputable websites. And it will also enable you to avoid mistakenly indulging in over-optimizing your anchor text in the future and will ensure you have a decent number of no-follows, helping you to make additional do-follows links.
  • Opt for In-Content Diversity LinksHarvest other efficient properties integrating the use of in-content links. And to do this you can easily incorporate the use of web 2.0 properties and use a plethora of keywords that are a mix of natural, brand and low-competition as well as long tail keyword variations.
  • Proceed to High Power LinkingAfter you have become successful in developing a proper base, proceed to add highly topnotch links with anchor text that is either close to it or matches it. FORGET repeating one anchor two times, always switch anchors, using a different one every time. Providing content through guest blogging or posting – writing on authority substance is the most effective way to do that.
  • Adding Additional ContentAfter creating a bunch of links, your website feel begin to gradually slide up the ranks on Google. When you add more content, the ranking process will only get more convenient. And this exactly why you should always have a whole bunch of keywords from the research you made earlier. Focus your content on specific keywords and add internal link into the blog. This sort of content is perfect for attracting target audiences that are trying to find solution to whatever problems they might have – landing them right into your very own funnel.

Important SEO Pointers & Principles for Regular Sites


For Local Websites The following fundamentals mentioned should be implemented for your organic website as an addition to aforementioned strategies:

Make a ‘Google my Business Page’ Or a Local Google Page

It is important to create a Google Local page as adequately as possible so that it will be easy for you to rank in the top 3 spot.

  • Evaluate your CitationsRemember, this is a critical factor that will hamper your local page building efforts. So, ensure that you first thoroughly implement a local citation audit and then proceed on doing the rest. Doing a local citation audit will also identify all the citations that you haven’t included.
  • Create Links & CitationsBuild all the local citations as well as the links your market rivals display via industry websites and web directories. Keep on making these citations and links until you silence the enemy.

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