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Staying On Top – How Digital Marketing Has Changed The Automotive Industry

There is no question that the automotive industry has vested serious interest in out of the box digital marketing strategies and tactics. The proof lies in the significant boost in sales in recent years. Expensive or high involvement purchases, like buying a car more or less require a varying degree of research in comparison to let’s say, buying tupperware. However, it is important to note that trends being implemented in the automotive industries are taking effect in other industries as well. Having said that, the most important thing to determine is what exactly the automotive industry is doing that is keeping it on the top of the game – and keeping other industries on their guard to move ahead.

Personalization at Every Corner

One fundamental difference between the automotive industry and other industries is the fact that automotive companies provide their customers with personalized information to assist in the buying process. A majority of digital marketers opt for emphasizing on consumers after they have determined that they are indeed going to make a purchase or are getting close to making a purchase at least.

Automotive businesses however, nurture their customers from the start till the end – providing them with a clear, efficient and personalized approach throughout out their decision making journey. For example, a particular individual may begin to consider buying a car by sifting through different models on an automotive websites, determining what they are looking for. After finding a specific model they like, he or she will begin to educate themselves about the pros and cons of the vehicle. At the same time, finds himself looking at the car again in the form of an ad on his Facebook feed with a special message attached or a deal of some sort. You see, the automotive industry does everything they can to ensure that the customer remains engaged on a multitude of digital and social platforms.

This in turn helps a customer realize how well he has been engaged – and that fact that automotive businesses also sends tailor made messages specifically for their customers is more likely to help them make a purchase-decision.

Generational Marketing Strategies

The automotive industry has wide group of audiences for which they are relevant – their target marketing is people that fall in the age bracket of 17 to 76 and even more. With such an expansive range, there is a plethora of diverse ways their audiences may want to interact with them. That is why demographics have become key, specifically within the context of providing customers with a personalized experience. Automotive marketers consistently and persistently look for diverse ways they can connect with such a wide audience, using a comprehensive range of digital strategies to target all the right markets.

And because buying a vehicle entails a lengthy process, automotive companies must constantly empower consumers in order to be a priority on their consumer’s minds. According to Deloitte, search engines were the number one source of gaining credible information pertaining to vehicles, but now things have changed and there are newer online entities, platforms and channels buyers make their decisions through. With the advent of reputation management and local engagement such as google local, yelp, facebook local, etc. improving your buying experience is critical to successful reviews that can effect sales 20%+.

Establish an Emotional Connect

It is important that you take your time to understand the reasons why your target audience would want to buy a car in the first place. Using digital marketing, you can not only appeal to wider market but also address pain points. For instance, an automotive brand which sells family sedans or SUVs can focus on the convenience it provides in commuting, especially if your customer has to take kids to school and soccer practice. The marketing message is then tailored accordingly and resonates better with the target audience, resulting in increased engagement.

What are you doing to empower your customers to become more informed consumers?

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